Manage Files Easier With Aero Snap In Windows 7

Having a comprehensive look of your files will save you from numerous problems. Apart from being able to schedule your priorities, you will be able to prioritize the files depending upon the requirement. However, your Windows 7 operating system require different kind of updates whenever you prefer to have a look at your files.

This problem could be sorted out easily with an advanced file manager in the form of Aero Snap. All you need is a perfect management of the software that could be implemented for your Windows 7 OS to obtain all the features of file management easily.

Advantages of using Aero Snap

Before following the steps to install the new program, you might want to know the advantages of having it in your system. Here are a few that are mentioned for your knowledge.
Navigating of Windows for all your files from Internet Explorer
• Ability to see all your files located in a single instance alongside
Control the appearance with free utility such as Cubic Explorer

Aero Snap offers you with more features as and when the latest updates are available. Follow these simple steps given below to have it in your system.

Get Explorer Windows Side By Side

Aero Snap in Windows 7

Managing huge amount of data is easily possible once you follow the process to install the program. Place mouse pointer on Windows Explorer icon to double-click it from the Taskbar. Choose “Windows Explorer” by clicking it.

Place The Windows As Per Your Need

Aero Snap in Windows 7

The first window pops up allowing you to drag it towards the right side or even to the left of your computer screen. However, there is an alternative to this, which is much faster. Try out “Windows Key+Right Arrow” key combination for which you need to hold the Windows key. You can now view that the Windows is available on the right side.

Include The Other Window From Explorer

Aero Snap in Windows 7

After you successfully place the first window, continue the process of including the other window. Follow the same process mentioned above. Go to “Explorer” icon and right-click on it by navigating. Choose “Windows Explorer” from the options and click on it. Remember that the key combination that has to be used this time is “Windows Key+Left Arrow”.

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Browse To Feel The Difference After Making Changes

Aero Snap in Windows 7

By completing the above given steps successfully, you will be able to browse files without having to bother about the issue of following the tree method. You can refrain from the expanding and collapsing events and browse as per your preferences by shuffling between both the windows alongside.


Snapping up a window to full screen covering all the four corners too might be considered. You can avoid dragging of the window in this way. Several such adjustments could be included or removed after you get comfortable with the features of Aero Snap for Windows 7. You can even disable it instantly in case you don’t want to have it anymore and prefer the conventional way of accessing your files from Windows Explorer.