Manage Web Searches In Safari

One of the important features of a web browser is to dish out the information the user is looking for. This obviously leads to the need to have better search options (and results).

Manage Web Searches In Safari

A quick and efficient search is what we are all looking for these days of information explosion. However, most of the time a user may need to look for a specific piece of information if he/she does not know the correct address of the web site.

Manage Web Searches In Safari

However, searching is a lot easier when it comes to Apple’s Safari Browser. It has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to find what he/she is looking for. So, lesser time is ‘wasted’ searching for results and you, as a user, can enjoy more time surfing.

The toolbar comes in handy when it comes to searching with Safari. There is the search field on the toolbar itself. Therefore, that saves your time as you get the text box ready to type and search. It is a powerful feature that comes in a small package. You can easily manage your search with this little, but smart search feature.

Manage Web Searches In Safari

Keying in your search term and getting the results are a common procedure that you will see in the Safari browser. However, there are some shortcuts too that come in handy in the need of the hour. You can get to see the latest searched terms, more popularly known as “recent searches” when you click on the “Q”. The drop-down menu has some more options at your disposal.

Clear Recent Searches In Safari

The couple of other options are to wipe off the recently searched terms and the second is to select the preferred search engine. With the option Clear Recent Searches, you can do away with the current search terms to make way for a new list. With the second option, you can set your favored search engine from either Google or Yahoo.

Delete History In Safari

At times, to manage your searches better, you also need to delete the search history. As any other web browser, Safari saves the browsing history for your reference. However, it can be for your privacy reasons that you may need to delete the search history. It especially becomes of paramount importance if you are using the browser on a shared computer.

Manage Web Searches In Safari

Once you open a window in the Safari browser, go to the Safari menu from the toolbar.

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In case you are using the older version of the browser, you will have to use the “Edit” menu.

There will be a drop-down menu. This is filled with loads of options to clear your content. However, two options should do the trick for you. The first is the “Clear History” while the second is “Empty the Cache”. This should be enough to delete the search history.

Once done, remember to click the “Reset” button. This will finish your process of deleting the Safari search history. Just make sure this has worked for you. Select “History” from the menu and see if there are any previously visited pages in the history list.