Microsoft Security Essentials Is A Free Antivirus Utility

When it comes to our PC or laptop we make sure that it is protected from any sort of virus, malware or spyware which can enter the PC or laptop through internet usage or any external hard drive.

Microsoft Security Essentials

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For that, Microsoft security essential is a free antivirus utility which protects our PC from the harmful attack of viruses or spywares or malwares so that we can go for safe web browsing and remain protected. With this now we do not have to go for commercialized antivirus or anti malwares, we can utilize this free software and protect our PC.

Installing Microsoft Security Essential

Microsoft Security Essentials

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This software can be installed from the internet and can be used by us. The software contains many different types of options through which we can protect a PC or laptop like scanning, online tracking of viruses or spywares etc. Especially the new updated version makes the work faster and smoother.

Updated Version Of Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials

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The new updated version or the beta version is installed with updated and stronger virus depleting qualities and makes the work faster and smoother. It gives a real time protection to the PC or laptop and runs in the background giving 24/7 protection to the PC.

Steps For Installing Microsoft Security Essentials

It is not very difficult to install this software. Before installing one thing has to be kept in mind that no other anti virus software is installed and it should be deleted and then this software can be installed easily after accepting certain terms and conditions and the procedure can be carried out.

Post Installation

Microsoft Security Essentials

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After installing the software a full PC scan can be done so that the viruses can be removed or deleted or sent to quarantine as we do not realize but on daily basis we suck up too many viruses which keeps eating our PC files and disrupts the functioning of PC. After scanning the PC, update can be carried out so that the pc works faster and all time protection can be provided.

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Features Of Microsoft Security Essentials

It comes with outstanding features and many options where one can set up the security of the PC according to his/her convenience. It comes with the most modified and developed format so that it becomes easier for the user to use it and can update it accordingly.


The most important feature is that this software comes free and we can download it when ever we want without paying any cash. Although it is free but it does not compromise on its quality and catching viruses effectively. And it can be updated automatically with time and get new features.

Uses Of This Software

After installation this software works by itself on the background and even pops up if encounters any virus or suspicious malware or spyware, so that the user is updated with the attacks and the functioning of this software. This software are indispensible for a PC and is widely used.