Monitor Google Services from the System Tray

Are you a keen user of Google services? If yes, then how about monitoring Google services right from the cleverest section on your desktop, the system tray?

I am sure that you will enjoy getting instant Google notifications right above your system tray. For this, you certainly need a handy Google notifier app that can dwell in your System Tray to notify instantly about the new stuff entering in your Google accounts. The good news is that you can easily get this handy Google notifier that is updated from time to time. Want to know more about it? Well, keep reading!


What Can Customize Your System Tray For Instant Google Notifications?

Well, it’s Googsystray! Possibly a short form of Google System Tray, this Google notifier is a system tray app that can aid you in tracking Gmail, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Reader, and Google Calendar. This means that you can receive instant Google notifications about new alerts, messages, events, and so on right above your system tray. Further, it runs well on Windows and Linux platforms.

How To Get The Google System Tray

You can download this Google notifier app from When you open this site, you will see the user rating that is quite positive with the ‘90% recommended’ label. Once you click Download, the setup gets downloaded after which you can run it for usual installation.

Setting Up The Google Notifier in the System Tray

Once you are done with the installation, open the app and you will see the Configuration window with different service tabs. Now, you need to add your Google service accounts that you would expect the Google notifier app to monitor. To do so, in the General tab that is already activated, click the Add button.

googsystray configuration

This will create a generic account in the Accounts field, which you need to select for editing. Now, click the Edit button to open the Edit Google Account dialog box for entering a custom account name and its relevant information. Finally, click OK and you will observe the new account in the Accounts field.

googsystray configuration

Now, you need to tick mark the services such as Mail, Calendar, and Wave in the Accounts field against your account so that the Google System Tray can monitor them for you. The next thing to do is to browse the tabs of each selected service and enable some options such as displaying counts, showing an icon, and the required frequency of checking for notifications.


Mentioning specially, do click the last tab called Popups, as it will enable you to specify the look and the behavior of the Popup Notifier window appearing in the lower left corner. Finally, click OK. You are now ready to use this comprehensive Google notifier app.

googsystray Popup Notifier

Using the Google System Tray

In the system tray, you can observe the System Tray Icons of this Google notifier app if you have chosen individual icons for display instead of the main app icon. For the icons to work, ensure that you have logged into your Google account.

latest email notification

Let us now test one of the icons. So, click on the GMail icon and you will view a Popup Notifier window wherein the latest e-mail message along with the sender name, subject, and text commands are displayed. Kindly note that only the e-mails in Inbox will be shown. To view the mail, just click the e-mail message.

Well, do share your opinions about this new system tray app!