Need To Reset Toshiba to Factory Setting

Factory settings are used to restore the operating system to default settings that is configured by the manufacturer. These settings can be changed and reconfigured by the user whenever needed. The need to restore the factory settings to the default settings can be due to malfunction of operating system.

There are various reasons for restoring system to factory setting and among them all one is because of sudden system crash down or shut down due to malicious code in the system that affects the system files at low level causing damage to the operating system. To restore the system to default or factory setting there is two methods that can be used and these methods are as mentioned below.

The two methods used to restoring the factory settings are destructive method and non-destructive method. If you use the destructive method then all the data and files previously store on system will get lost while restoring the factory settings, so that no longer data availed. By using the non-destructive method will repair your windows installation and will replace all the damaged or missing files. Initially you have to switch off the system by holding the power button for about 10 seconds.

Then press and hold the zero buttons, while tapping once the power button to switch on the system. Then you can release the zero keys when you hear the beeping sound indicating the start of system. After releasing the zero keys a warning screen will be prompted to continue with the system recovery, select yes and continue. Select the recovery of factory default software to reset the Toshiba to factory settings. Then select the recovery to out-of-box state and click on the next button to complete the procedure of restoring the factory settings.

The non-destructive method uses the recovery disc that can be used to restore the factory settings. You will require 2-4 blank DVD to copy the data and files before restoring the system to factory settings. But there should be a recovery partition to copy the data. Then you have to set the CD/DVD rom to primary boot device. After the system boots click on the start and in search option type Toshiba recovery. Once you get the search result then select the Toshiba recovery disc creator and double click on the creator. Then you have to click on the create button, after clicking you will be prompted to insert blank DVD. The procedure of burning the DVD should be done until the recovery process is completed successfully. Finally restart the system normally and perform system recovery using the disk created. By following above methods you can achieve a successful reset with stable system.

Things To Keep In Mind While Resetting To Factory Setting

In order to carry out a proper factory resetting there are several things to keep in mind such as data and files that is needed by the system should be copied into external drive to avoid any kind of lose, as destructive method deletes all the data from the system as it performs formatting of hard drive.  The backup of device drivers of all the external devices likes USB and removable media drives should be copied so as to reinstall them again after the system recovery.

While restoring to the factory settings don’t delete the recovery partition as it is needed and is recommended by the company not to delete it as this may cause inconvenience for the system the next time whenever system is to be restored to the factory settings. While selecting the CD / DVD to make a recovery disc makes sure that the disc is compatible with the CD Rom drive. Use a proper blank disc so that the data can be stored and used appropriately while making a recovery disc.

Need Of Factory Settings in Toshiba

You need factory settings to be restored whenever the system does not start or there is any issue that is not letting the operating system to boot properly. The system crash downs due to various reasons like program malfunctioning, output of the application program is not desirable causing sudden shut down in system, malicious code causing changes in system registry files that does not allow user to start the computer system, sudden shut down due to inappropriate booting leading to lose of data.

By performing the factory settings you can obtain the default system settings, which can be used to repair the problem and reinstall all the application programs, drivers and other external hardware devices so that your system can perform its operation smoothly and effectively.