OffiSync Combines Google Doc Features With MS Office

How often do you use Google Docs for storing and editing documents? Irrespective of this, I am sure that you must be finding some vital features of MS Office missing in it. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could create and edit documents in MS Office and store them on Google Docs for online collaboration? Well, the good news is that you can blend the power of both the worlds via a free app called OffiSync.


Why Use OffiSync

With the help of OffiSync, you can use MS Office to craft your documents according to your requirements and then store them on Google Docs without opening it in the browser. So, do all the editing in Office, but when it is the time of saving, choose Google Docs instead of your machine’s drive so that you can access the offline documents online.

Therefore, there are two reasons for you to use OffiSync: heavy dependence on Google Docs for online sharing but do not want to quit using MS Office and high faith in MS Office for making influencing documents but need to share them via Google Docs.

For your convenience, OffiSync resides within MS Office as a tab on the Ribbon. Although its standard version is available for free, it yet offers a premium version that you can buy to enjoy extra features, such as free Google Sites creation service. However, this one is only for the advanced users. Moreover, most of us will not need this version, as the standard one offers all the useful features while integrating MS Office and Google Docs.

How To Obtain OffiSync

The free version is yet in the beta stage, which you can easily download from for integrating Google Docs with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint of 2003, 2007, or 2010 version. Its installation is quiet, which means no usual wizard.

installing offisync

However, a progress window and a message of successful registration will be visible.

offisync registered successfull

The latter will take some moments to appear, but you need to wait until it pops up. By this, I mean you should not open any Office app until you see the message.

Finally, open an Office app and you will see the OffiSync (Beta) tab on the Ribbon and the OffiSync (Beta) option in the drop-down menu of the Office button.

OffiSync (Beta) tab

From here, you can open and save files on Google Docs, email documents, and add collaborators to documents.

OffiSync beta

How To Use OffiSync

In order to use the above mentioned utilities, you will have to sign into your Google account initially. Before you share your documents, you can use this tool for increasing the productivity while writing documents.

offisync login

For example, you can perform a search with Google from the search bar, which will result in opening a window from where you can paste data easily into your document.

offisync search bar

Apart from text, you can also search for images that are cooler than the Clip Art pictures. A unique feature of this search is that you can limit the results according to the license type so that you can avoid including images with copyright protection.

offisync clipart search

Now, you can send the document in an e-mail to your online collaborators by clicking OffiSync (Beta) --> Email. As a result, the collaborators get a link to download the document.

offisync mail notification

If you no longer wish to use this utility, simply click the OffiSync icon that is present in the Start menu and click Unregister.