Online Bookmark Synchronization And Browsing With CometBird

In this article we will tell you how to do synchronization for online bookmark and how to browse using the CometBird.

What is a CometBird?

Unlike the Firefox, CometBird has some amazing features that are already pre-installed. Some of these features are Online Video Download, Quick Tab, Software Update Check and Online Bookmarks.

How to Set Up CometBird?

You will have to first download the file for CometBird. Once you begin the installation, you will find that there are various options available within the installation screen.

set up combet bird

Go to the Custom option and select it if you want to customize the whole thing during installation itself.

  Online Bookmark Synchronization And Browsing With CometBird

You will notice that the installation process for CometBird is very similar to the installation process of Firefox. Both the applications have quite similar options given in the list of choices. Once the installation process is complete, you will be prompted for the choice of importing settings.

Online Bookmark Synchronization And Browsing With CometBird

Choose the settings that you wish to import or select the ones that you don’t wish to import. Once you have made your choices, the Main Window and CometMarks Settings Windows will open together. You will again notice the similarities between CometBird and Firefox when the Options Window opens up.

You will start noticing the difference when CometBird begins to install its add-ons. These add-ons are BitComet Video Downloader, Cometmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, Browser UI Enhancement, Software Update Checker and Ctrl-Tab. All these five add-ons are installed along with the browser.

Online Bookmark Synchronization And Browsing With CometBird

You can do a quick check to see whether the other add-ons will have any problems during the installation process. Try installing the ChromaTabs Plus and Flagfox. You should face no problems in their installation since CometBird is as user friendly and add-on friendly as Firefox.

Other Features of CometBird

Check out the Menu Bar for CometBird. You can see that the Software Menu add-on that is present here is not visible in the Firefox. However, the other options given in the Menu Bar of CometBird is quite similar to those of the Firefox. Once you get familiarized with CometBird, you can go about setting up the Online Synchronization account (for CometMarks) without facing any difficulty.

The menu for CometMarks can be accessed via two ways. You can right click on the button for CometMarks (the button is located on the lower right hand side of your web browser) or you can navigate your way through the “Tools Menu”. If you see the orange color on your page, it means that you are currently logged in to your CometMarks account.

You will see a whole list of buttons including “CometMarks Settings”, “Word Translation” and “CometMarks Note”. All of these settings will be shown as active if you are logged in. you will also see your username displayed on the right hand side at the bottom of the screen.

In this settings window you can synchronize your bookmarks to any of your online accounts. You can even create a new account by clicking on the option that reads “Create Account”. The link will take you through a series of prompts to help you create an online account.