Other Ways To Use Your PC When Your Internet Dies


Do you think that Internet is the only reason for using a PC? If yes, do think on it again. Even if you spend your most of the time on Internet, it is yet not the only reason as to why you stick to PC. If you understand this much, no longer will you get irritated when your Internet dies due to no bill payment or bad weather.

I agree that shutting down of the Internet is the most irritating scene that one can face, but your computer world surely does not come to an end. How about listening to music, watching a movie, or taking a backup? Cool, na? Give below are some of the cool ways of utilizing your computer when your Internet dies.

Smartly Execute The Project Requirements

If you are in office, you can think of some offline work that you need to do for your project when Internet dies. For example, you might have to create templates using Microsoft Office, make a To-do list for your team, or capture screenshots of some tools. Further, you might have to install some software on your computer, which you have already downloaded. So, you see that you can still work calmly without getting disturbed anymore.

Re-establish The School Days

How about fostering the ignored hobbies or activities of the school days if you seriously cannot think of any official work when Internet dies? As you are a grown up, let us take these activities at a bit higher or challenging level. Try making quizzes, vocabulary puzzles, glossary games, and complex paintings. Isn’t this encouraging you to take the temporary death of Internet positively?

Wisely Teach Or Train Someone

If you really want to make a beneficial use of the spare time, think of training your team mates on some tools or soft skills. Apart from imparting knowledge to them, you also get a chance to prove your professional creativity via presentations.

Wondering whom to train at home? Well, your small kids can be your potential students for you to become a teacher for some time.

Switch To Multimedia For Endless Enjoyment

This is the most common task that anyone does to get rid of the irritation caused by the sudden unavailability of the Internet. However, it is among the soothing activities that all love to do.

You can easily become aloof from the world by capturing your ears with cool music via VLC, hands with some good exposure to Photoshop, and eyes with some fiction movies on iTunes.

Make Three Senses Do Ebook Reading

If you like reading, I am sure that you must have collected some e-books and stored on your hard disk or pen drive. Hands touching and holding the book, ears listening to what you are murmuring, and eyes eagerly waiting to see the upcoming story twist – how interesting is that!

Look After Your PC For Protection And Optimization

By this, I mean to take the backup of vital files and folders, run antivirus scan that is always time consuming, and organize/customize the Start menu and taskbar.


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