Our Look At The Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

We are very curious to know about internet explorer 9 platform preview.  One thing is very confusing for us that, what exactly this is? This gives idea to the developers like who, what features should come in the internet explorer (commonly known as IE) and give them ideas about the new abilities of the platform.

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Light weight frame, which is around the core internet platform, known as the internet explorer platform preview. This platform preview includes various features such as script engines, object model, layout and rendering. Internet explorer platform preview includes  diagnostic tools as well as debugging tool for developers.

Why Microsoft Launched This Platform Preview?

Developers and people who are querulous and eager in web development and quality standard can use functionality of new platform and on their experience they will give feedback for the improvement of technology.

Microsoft provides great facility for the developer and allows them to download this free platform preview and check, whether internet explorer 9 platform previews is working according to their expectation. Developers can check the working of the platform preview with the help of their HTML and other markup languages.

Microsoft gives permission to everyone to test this platform using various applications and requests users and developers to share their experience and provide their feedback.

Feel This Advance Technology

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

For getting familiar with this platform first you should download this and install this in your computer, when you install this software, it will take some time in checking your system compatibility.

Other web browsers, in comparison with IE9, will show very low application operation speed, i.e. when you take the test drive of this platform preview you will feel that IE9 is really advance and fast web browser in comparison to others because some heavy apps will smoothly run on IE9, but another web browser will not give such a result.

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Platform preview is not compatible with windows XP, i.e. platform preview will not work on windows XP, but it will work on vista and windows 7. And when you have installed it in your computer, it will neither remove nor replace your other web browser installed in your computer system.

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

After accomplished installation, when you open your internet explorer platform preview then by default home page of test drive will appear on your screen. One bad news for you is that, you can’t change the home page of the platform preview.

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

This platform preview will allow you to see the current web page in various older versions of internet explorer i.e. is you want to see that how the web page will look in the older version then use the debug menu. This will show you look and feel of a web site in various old Internet explorer.

Overall we can say that Microsoft is trying to develop advance web technology, which will be very fast and compatible with various environments where developer and user both will give feedback to Microsoft. Feedback will help Microsoft to improve their weaknesses, and they will be in direct touch with the end users and developers. People who love web developing can take benefits of this advance and latest technology of Microsoft.