Performing SEO For Your Own Website or Blog

Optimizing your blog or website pages and achieving a good search-engine placement is vital to gain more customers. In fact, any company that has webpages needs to optimize the same. The higher your website will place in the search engine results pages, the better your website will do commercially. However, not everyone can afford professional search engine optimization service. Moreover, optimizing your blog or website on your own will save you both time as well as money. But doing SEO for your own webpages can be overwhelming, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur. Following are some tips and tricks that will help you do effective SEO for your blog or website on your own.

Start With SEO Basics

There are many factors that affect the search engine rankings of your webpage. However, there are a number of steps that you can take to improve your SERP rankings. Follow these basic steps.

Write Good Content For Your Website

 The kind of content you have on your website plays a very important role. Your website must have high-quality and non-plagiarized content. The content should be good enough to create good user experiences and also convert visitors into buyers as well as profit. Also keep in mind that, only the textual content on a website is not considered to be content, graphics and pictures are also included in the content of your website; and therefore, the pictures and graphics you include in your website should also be carefully chosen.

Use Keywords

 Keywords are essentially those words that customers use to make a search. The trick is getting inside the mind of a potential customer and discovering what words they will use when looking for a particular product. For instance, a customer looking for flowers might type anything in the search box of a search engine like fresh flowers, buy flowers or something else.

A well optimized content on flowers would include all such keywords. In order to have an idea of the keywords that you must use for a particular subject, use Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It is a great tool, available on internet, absolutely free of cost and can help you get an idea of the kind of keywords you should include in your website’s content.

Go Bold

 Using a bold font for all the keywords in your website will help in better recognition of these keywords by the search engine, thereby helping you achieve a better search engine ranking. However, make sure you do not bold large blocks of content, just the keywords. Remember, the content should be of high-quality. In order to enrich your content with keywords, you must not forget about the quality of content.

Follow Proper Keyword Placement Tricks

 Implement following techniques when optimizing content for your website for search engines.

•    Use primary keyword in the page title. Make sure the title you use is concise and focused. Using titles that are too long carry with themselves, the risk of being cut off in SERPs, thereby increasing the chances of invisibility.

•    If you have used URLs in your content, make sure that the URL match with of the page title.

•    Primary or the main keyword must also be used in the leading paragraph. In fact, it is better to use the primary keyword in the first line itself.

•    The content of your website must be complete and informative and must contain sub-headings and sub-sections. Use of primary and secondary keywords in subheadings is recommended.

•    Interlinking the articles within your blog or website is also a recommended SEO technique. Make sure you use descriptive keyword phrases.

•    If your webpage contains image files, use descriptive keywords to explain them.

SEO Techniques That Would Target Traffic To Your Website

The following mentioned tricks may require a little more hard work, but you will surely be able to turn the way your website ranks in search engines.

Article Directory Submissions

 Article directory submissions is one of the best ways of promoting your website and optimizing it for search engines. The best part about article directory submissions is that it is handy as well as free technique of doing SEO for your website. There are many reputed article directories such as EzineArticles and ArticleAlley where you can submit articles for free and in turn get traffic to your website. Before you submit an article to the article directories, make sure you adhere to certain submission standards.

The article that you’re planning to submit must be prepared correctly and should be free from grammatical errors as well as plagiarism. Proofread the article before submitting it to any directory, remove any formatting and also write an attractive summary for your article. It is the summary that gets displayed in the search engines and therefore it should be written very carefully.

You also need to prepare few lines for the resource box. The content in resource box is essentially what drives people towards your site. Therefore the resource box must contain link of your website as well as a line about what your company or website is about.

Work On Building Back Links

The best way of increasing website traffic and page rank is by building quality back links. The first step towards building back links for your website is by creating unique, useful and good content for your website. Good content is a self-promoting tool for your website; therefore, there should be no compromise on the content.

Another good way of building back links for your website is by submitting articles in multiple article directories. The resource box of your articles will direct traffic to the website and behave as quality back link.

You can also create back links by using different paying article websites such as Ehow. Other such websites include Bukisa, Xombam, Infobarrel, HubPages and Squidoo.

Social Networking

Social networking websites like Twitter, StumbleUpon and Facebook can greatly help you in promoting your blog or website on your own. You simply need to create an account with a good social networking website and post links of your content or articles on these sites. Simply share the new articles, pictures or videos you post on your website with those in your network and see how fast your website or blog will get promoted.