Play Air Hockey In Google Chrome

Who does not enjoy playing games today? Games in HD, with crystal clear graphics, specially designed computers only for the purpose of playing games easily takes one to the virtual world of gaming. With a little help of an extension, you can enjoy games like Air Hockey directly in Google Chrome.

Note: To play Air Hockey in Google Chrome, you will need the Air Hockey extension.

Get the Air Hockey Extension

First you will have to get the Air Hockey extension from the Google Chrome Extensions. You should find the link there. There are two ways available using which you can play the game in Google Chrome. You can either use the drop-down window or you can open the game in the new tab of the browser window. Let us go through an example demonstrating how you can play the game in the new tab of the browsing window.

Play Air Hockey In Google Chrome

There are options for you to choose the level of difficulty, to play in full screen mode or not and to have the sound effects on. You will have to be fast and quick. Otherwise, it will not take any time for the computer player to beat you.

The Difficulty Levels

There are three levels in this game to choose from – easy, medium and hard. If you are a newbie and excited to play the game, spur it up with a win. To win the game, you will have to choose the first level, though. So to make things easier for you, start with the “Easy Level”. It will give you an idea of how the game actually functions. You will get accustomed with the controls of the game.

Play Air Hockey In Google Chrome

When you get used to the game you can increase the level one by one. To have a feel of how the top level works, switch over to it directly. You will know what exactly in store for the “Hard Level” is. If you win in the “Easy” level, a message will pop up notifying you about your win and ask you to try the “Medium” level.

The Full Screen Mode

You are certain to experience the feel of the full screen mode when playing the game. The joy and thrill of playing the game in the full screen mode is one of its kinds. Use the “Full Screen Link,” which you should find below the gaming window. The good thing about this particular full screen mode is that the game will use the total browser window region, irrespective of the fact if the actual window is maximized or not.

Rules for Air Hockey

The first player, who accumulates at least seven points, is the winner. If the puck drops inside the player’s goal, the opponent gets one point.

The next serve then goes to the player who has been scored upon. You can strike the puck with any part of the mallet. Keep these four simple rules in mind – and they are easy to remember. You can then start enjoying this fast-paced game right away.