Print Only Selected Areas Of A Spreadsheet In Excel 2007 & 2010

If you are working with MS Word or MS Excel, it is obvious that printing is one of the vital tasks, which all of us tend to do. However, sometimes, some people have special printing requirements.

For instance, while working with a sheet in MS Excel 2007 or 2010, they might want to print only some areas or non-adjacent cells rather than the whole spreadsheet. So, have you faced such a situation after switching to Excel 2007 or 2010? Do you wish to know how to do so? Well then, you are reading the right article! In this article, you will come to know how to print a few portions of a sheet in Excel 2007/2010.

print selected areas in excel

Why Print the Selected Areas

Let us assume that you have a huge official worksheet wherein the data spreads beyond 300 rows. In this case, if at all you have been asked to take a print, it is certain that you will end up wasting a considerable quantity of paper and ink. So, instead of printing the whole spreadsheet, it is a wise step to start printing by selecting a group of cells at a time.

Let us take another scenario wherein your Excel sheet is not that huge, but your boss needs a print of the initial rows only. Again, in this case, taking a print of the specific area becomes inevitable. Looking at the above two scenarios, it is confirmed that printing the whole worksheet might not be essential every time.

How MS Excel 2007/2010 Caters to this Need

MS Excel 2007/2010 offers the Set Print Area utility that enables you to print the specific areas of the spreadsheet. A print area refers to one or more cell ranges that you choose to print when printing the whole worksheet is not required or is not feasible. Once you set this area, MS Excel then informs the copier to focus only on the print area.

How to Set the Print Area

This is the first step towards printing only the selected portion of a worksheet. To do so, open the desired worksheet, hold the Ctrl key, and select the area of the sheet that needs to be printed.

print selected areas in microsoft excel

Next, select the Page Layout tab that is the third tab on the Ribbon and select Print Area --> Set Print Area from the Page Setup group. This will turn your selection into a dashed border.

set print area

Now, click the Print Titles button in the Page Setup group.

print titles

This will open the Page Setup dialog box with the Sheet tab highlighted. Notice that the Print area text box already shows the selected range.

page setup dialog box

Now, if you want to repeat any row or column to repeat, you can select them in the next two text boxes respectively. This is applicable for including headers and footers in case the print extends beyond one page. Finally, click the Print Preview button to see how your selection will look after printing. If you are fine with the preview, you can now give the print command.

print preview

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How to Add Multiple Portions to the Print Area

In real scenarios, printing a specific portion is not always limited to adjacent cells. For instance, you might want to print the first five rows followed by the last five ones. This gives rise to printing multiple areas of a spreadsheet. Fortunately, MS Excel 2007/2010 allows you to add multiple areas by simply selecting them and clicking Print Area --> Add to Print Area.

add to print area

As you select the group of cells one by one, you will see that the Print area text box will reflect the selected cell range. You can now view each selection in the Print Preview mode. In MS Excel 2010, you will see the Backstage View for selecting your printing options.

Want to clear or remove the print area?

clear print area

Well, you will have to in case you wish to print the whole sheet. In this case, select Print Area --> Clear Print Area.