Print Out Or Export Directory Lists To MS Word & Excel

Have you ever felt the need of presenting a directory list in MS Word and MS Excel? Or have you ever been allocated the task of printing a directory list? If yes, then how did you deal with it? Let me guess! Commonly, you must have browsed each folder and have copied the file names in a document or spreadsheet.

Well, this is even what I used to do, but it is certainly not an ideal way, as it is really a time consuming process. In this day and age, I guess nobody has that amount of patience to do such a tedious task.

Directory List & Print

Moreover, printing the file names present in a Windows directory can be really confusing and complicated. Further, it definitely increases the chance of human errors. While following the common approach as mentioned above, it might happen that you forget to copy a filename or copy an incomplete filename. Such mistakes are bound to happen if the directory list is really big. So, is there a better solution?

How About Automatic Directory Listing

I just mentioned above that I used to follow the common approach. So, what I do now? Well today, I use a free utility that automatically exports the directory list to MS Excel or MS Word and even directly prints it. This is the Directory List & Print utility that performs the job for you in a very simple way. So, if you are looking for an effortless way to list the directory content in MS Word or MS Excel, this is the utility that you will love to have for your Windows system.

How Do I Get The Directory List & Print Utility

As usual, you will first have to download the utility from the Internet. To do so, visit from where you will obtain the zip file of the utility. After the download, you will have to unzip the file and add two files namely, DirectoryListPrint.pdf (the help manual) and DirectoryListPrint.exe to their own folder present in the Program Files directory. Finally, make a shortcut of this utility on your desktop. You are now ready to use the tool.

Directory List & Print Utility

How The Interface Looks Like

When you open the Directory List & Print utility for the first time, you will see that there is a Directory list box that shows all the drives, information categories such as file size and sub directories, and buttons such as Print, Copy to Clipboard, Word, and Excel at the bottom.

Directory List & Print utility interface These buttons enable you to print the directory list directly, export the same to MS Word or Excel, and copy it to the clipboard.

Directory List & Print utility interface

How To Use The Interface

To export a directory list to MS Word, simply browse to the required directory or folder via the Directory list box. Once you do so, you will be able to see a preview of the list in the Output list area that is present in the lower part of the window. Finally, just click the Word button to see the list in MS Word.

using the interface in word

For a more organized look, I would recommend exporting the list to MS Excel where the rows and columns make it easier for you to read.

using the interface in excel

In case you want to print directly, just click the Print button.