Quick Mathematical Calculations With OneNote

OneNote is a useful application for taking quick notes in the class, meeting or conference. But there is another useful feature of OneNote, it can help do quick mathematical calculations while taking notes.

Perform Simple Calculations

Solving math problems or doing calculations is very easy in OneNote. All you have to do is write down your equation like you would in a scientific calculator (in a single string without any spaces).

Press the = sign following your expression and hit the spacebar. OneNote solves the expression and displays the result after the spacebar.

For Example

1) Type a simple expression like 52+8-20+17= and press spacebar. The result will be displayed as 57.

2) You need to find the total labor cost of a project at $150 per resource for 15 resources. You can type in an expression as 150 * 15= and press Spacebar. The result will be displayed as 2250.

Supported Mathematical Operators

OneNote supports all the basic arithmetic operators like the plus (+), minus (-), multiplication (upper & lowercase x , *), division (/), percentage (%), caret (^) for exponential, and factorial (!).

For example:

4!= will give the result as 24.
5^2= will result in 25.

Supported Math And Trigonometry Functions

OneNote also supports a host of math and trigonometry functions like ABS for calculating the absolute value of a number, LOG to return the natural logarithm of a number, TAN to return the tangent of a number and so on. Simply type the code of the function that you intend to use (like ABS, LOG, TAN, etc) followed by the number or variable in the parenthesis followed by the equal sign (=) and spacebar. The result of the function will be displayed instantly.

The log below gives the syntax to be used to perform some of these operations:
ABS        Returns the absolute value of a number        ABS(number)
ACOS     Returns the arccosine of a number             ACOS(number)
ASIN      Returns the arcsine of a number               ASIN(number)
ATAN     Returns the arctangent of a numbe             ATAN (number)
COS        Returns the cosine of a number                COS(number)
DEG       Converts an angle (in radians) to degrees     DEG(angle)
LN          Returns the natural logarithm of a number     LN(number)
LOG       Returns the natural logarithm of a number     LOG(number)
LOG2     Returns the base-2 logarithm of a number     LOG2(number)
LOG10   Returns the base-10 logarithm of a number     LOG10(number)
MOD     Returns remainder of a division operation     MOD(number)
PI          Returns the value of π as a constant          PI
PHI       Returns the value of φ (the golden ratio)     PHI
RAD     Converts an angle (in degrees) to radians     RAD(angle)
SIN       Returns the sine of the given angle          SIN(angle)
SQRT    Returns a positive square root               SQRT(number)
TAN      Returns the tangent of a number               TAN(number)

The Mathematics Ribbon

OneNote 2010 has a mathematics ribbon which further helps in doing the math. For example, the ∏ or Equation option on the ribbon lets you insert common mathematical equations or create your own equations using a library of symbols.

Similarly the Compute and Graph options let you solve, integrate or differentiate equations and numbers and create 2D and 3D graphs.