Quickly Remove Items From Windows XP Startup

It is a universal fact that the longer you work with a Windows-based PC, the more time it takes to start up after logging. Now, let me tell you that this laziness is not natural, but is artificially, but unintentionally induced by you. In fact, it is attributed to the number of programs that you install over time. Most of these programs start up automatically when your machine boots up. In addition to this, a myriad of other services also start to run in the background, which are not visible to you. Although some programs such as antivirus and firewalls must startup automatically when the computer starts, there are yet a lot of other programs that need not run with the computer startup.

Believe me, these programs are the real culprits, which decelerate the speed of startup. This is when you need to think of removing these items from the Windows XP startup. Let us explore more about it!

Problem: Computer Boots Up Too Slowly

Let us consider a scenario where you have a PC at home, which has Windows XP. Since some days, you are noticing that your computer takes much time to start. Therefore, you try to solve the problem by running an antivirus to remove any spyware or malware that can be responsible from this sudden slow speed, defragmenting your hard disk, and deleting all the unnecessary files and folders.

You also ensured that you have sufficient memory and processing speed. However, you still could not improve the Windows XP startup speed. So, what is the solution now?

Solution: Decrease the Count of Startup Programs

Although you have tried the above solutions, there is yet one more left out factor that is responsible for the slow Windows XP startup. This is the queue of startup programs that get loaded when your computer starts. As this queue can include both necessary and unnecessary programs, you need to determine the latter ones and remove it.

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Implement the Solution: The System Configuration Utility Offers the Startup Option

You need to use the System Configuration Utility window to specify the programs that you do not want to run as soon as your computer starts. The Startup tab of this window lists all the startup items. From this list, you must first determine which programs are not supposed to run at the startup. Here are the steps to quickly remove the items from Windows XP startup.

1. Log in as administrator.

2. Click Start --> Run to open the Run dialog box.

3. Enter msconfig in the Open text box.

4. Press Enter. The System Configuration Utility window is displayed.

5. Click the Startup tab. A list of startup items is displayed in which all items are checked by default.

6. Clear the check boxes of those programs that you do not want to run automatically at the startup.

7. Click OK.

8. Restart your computer to observe a noteworthy improvement in the Windows XP startup time.

Tip: First try to stop the task bar icons from loading at startup by using the menu options in the programs. Next, remove the programs from %userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. If these ways do not work, then only go for msconfig.