Read All Your eBooks On Nook For PC And Portable Devices

If you love to read eBooks and do not want to spend lavishly on buying a suitable e-reader, this is the article that you must read. This is because this article will tell you how to take the pleasure of reading eBooks on your PC, Android phones, Netbooks, and Apple iOS gadgets. You really need not have to buy the Barnes & Noble Nook (B&N) e-reader for enjoying some of your favorite eBooks. This is certainly because you have a Nook app for all of the mentioned devices. Let us check them out now!

For PC Users

Having a netbook or a laptop running Windows or Mac now means that you have a good e-reader with you. All credit goes to the Barnes and Noble Nook that is available for PC through which you can enjoy reading your eBooks anytime. To use this Nook version, you certainly have to download from and install it on your computer.

When you first run the application, you need to provide your account info or create it in case you do not have one. After signing in, you can explore several books from the ‘my library’ section (left pane). You can even shop for books from the B&N online store and start reading them.

On reading a book, you will feel as if it is a paper book having page numbers, rich text formatting, and two columns of text.

Apart from reading, you can look up for a text in the embedded dictionary, add notes, highlight text, and search contents. Further, you can also import eBooks that you possess by clicking my stuff under my library; add ePub, PDF, and PDB formatted eBooks (but not from other programs); subscribe to newspapers (might be restricted to US jurisdiction); and browse online journals.

For College Students Using PC

Textbooks can put a lot of pressure not only on your back but also on your wallet. However, you can be relieved from this pressure with NOOKstudy, a distinctive edition of Nook for PC via which you can rent your textbooks at a reasonable price for study. You can use both the versions simultaneously on your PC after downloading.

When you run NOOKstudy for the first time, you have to provide B&N account details along with the info of state and school for signing in. After this, you are all set to read the PDF files that are DRM-protected, search for textbooks, zoom in the textbook for easy reading, compare textbooks, add notes, and print textbooks (although applicable to only few).

For iOS Users

If you are using iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone; you are free to use the Nook version for that corresponding gadget. All you have to do is to download the right version for your device from the above URL. In case of iPod Touch, you get a user guide present in the library, which you can refer anytime. In general, you can use Nook to navigate to the different sections of a book, search for different media, change text size, and more.

For Android Users

If your smartphone has Android 1.6, you have complete freedom to use the corresponding Nook reader available on the above URL. Even for Android, there are ample of utilities and features that offer you a rick reading experience without straining your eyes.

Try out and let us know! In short, Nook’s eBook apps make your own smart device a house of Barnes and Noble’s eBooks.

Do share with us how you found using the Nook reader on your PC or portable device.