Reasons To Jailbreak Your iOS Device

The term jailbreaking is getting popular day by day. However, what is the exact meaning of this term? What does jailbreaking refer to? First, let us take a look at the technical meaning of jailbreak. The term refers to the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad hack, which gives permission to the user to have an access to the whole UNIX file system.

A closer and easier look at the jailbreak can be described in the following way. It is the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad hack that the users are not supposed to tamper with. However, this refers to installing programs or unlocking your handset that can be used with any other cellular network.

jailbreak ios device

What can you do when you Jailbreak a Device

The first thing is that jailbreaking a device has become easier than before. Therefore, you know exactly what you want and what you are doing. However, there are other good reasons to do the same.

cycorder app

A video shoot on your iPhone needed you to jailbreak to make way to download the application Cycorder – a Cydia app. With this, you could shoot your video as well as save it. Other functions like cutting-copying and pasting needed you to jailbreak your device.

Some other Reasons for Jailbreaking

With apps like WinterBoard, you can customize the looks of your home screen as well as modify the looks of the lock screen. That is not all you can even change the theme of the iPhone. It gives your phone an entirely new look. The changes are so amazing that people invariably tend to ask what kind of phone it is.

Benefits of Jailbreaking

There is in fact more to jailbreaking than only the above reasons. With jailbreaking, you can effectively install any third-party app. There is a reason to install a third party application. At times, Apple does not approve any apps in the App Store. So through jailbreaking, you can install such an app if you so wish. As a matter of fact, there are loads of apps that are below the Apple’s standards. Moreover, Apple prohibit any alteration in the iOS device. But if you feel the need, you can always jailbreak.

Continuing with Apple, it does not give permission to modify the app icons or the interface of the gadget. This is where WinterBoard comes into play. You can entirely modify the phone’s looks and give it a complete new look. Another benefit of jailbreaking is that you can get an access to extensions, mods and tweaks.

benefits of jailbreaking ios device

Technically speaking these may not be apps. However, they can bring restrained improvements the way you operate your iOS device. Another reason for jailbreaking is to make your device work on a different carrier. When you need to unlock your phone, the first step involves jailbreaking.

Legalities about Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is not illegal in the United States. For many years, jailbreaking was considered illegal. However, in July 2010, the US administration passed the rule making the process a legal one.