Record Videos of Your Desktop on Any OS for Free

Have you ever felt the need to show your computer screen live to your chat partner who is miles away from you? You might have felt the need to show what error you are getting if you are carrying out processes that are unknown or new to you. You know, just images do not work to convey the message.

Record Videos of Your Desktop on Any OS for Free

Such tools are necessary when two persons are working on the same platform and one of them is facing problems or bugs. It is possible that a certain program runs fine with one of the partners. In this case, the other person can access his/her partner’s screen to go into more details about the bug.

Screen Toaster Tool

There are tools on hand that allow you to ‘record’ the desktop. However, it will not get easier than Screen Toaster. The tool is not only free, but also can work equally effectively on cross platform too. No wonder, Screen Toaster can solve your problems for you. It is a java-based program that can work fine on any OS, provided there is Flash Player and Java installed.

Screen Toaster Tool

If you do not have the above programs installed already, then you will have to download and install them. Without these two programs, the Screen Toaster cannot work. Java comes from the house of Oracle while the Flash Player is delivered by Adobe. Once you have these two software pieces installed and ready to function, follow these steps to record your desktop.

How to Record Videos using Screen Toaster

The next step involves having internet connection. Go to the Screen Toaster website. Then, click on “Start Recording”. It is a rectangular button with a big red dot.

Record Videos using Screen Toaster

When you click it, a Java program will run. Allow the program to complete the formalities. You will be prompted to tell if you want to record the entire desktop or only a part of it.

Record Videos of Your Desktop

You will also have to say if you wish to record with webcam feed or embedded audio.

Record Videos of Your Desktop on Any OS

The tool allows you to set the playback speed. Another facility is to record a monitor on remote computer with the help of VNC.

free  Videos recording of Your Desktop

Once you have gone through these steps, click “Record”. Alternatively, you can start the recording with shortcut key combination ALT+S.

free video recording

These are just the basic steps you need for your recording. It is raw recording so to say. You can edit the entire recording just as a film or a cinema is edited before publishing. You can record the entire audio once again, upload this recording on YouTube, add captions and do lots of other stuff. You can even download this video for your records. You may need it for reference or further editing.

How to Record Videos using Screen Toaster

Currently, the Screen Toaster Beta is also available. However, it is in a very infant stage. That is why it at this time, does not support all operating systems. But there are a lot of new things to be tried and tested.

ways to Record Videos using Screen Toaster

The Beta version comes with interface changes as well. However, the good thing remains the same as ever – it comes absolutely free.