Recovering Lost Web Form Data In Firefox

Have you ever been disappointed due to sudden loss of Web form data, especially in case of long form? I am sure you must have been! It is very irritating to see all the hard work gone when something unexpected happens as soon as you click the Save or Next button after filling a lengthy Web form.

Now, this unexpected event can be anything such as browser or server crash, page time out, or lost Internet connection. Especially for the bloggers and subscribers, Web form data loss is no less than a nightmare.

LAZARUS add-on

So, have you ever thought of recovering lost Web form data? Well, the good news is that irrespective of the problem, it is just a matter of a single click for recovering lost Web form data by going back to it, right clicking it, and selecting the Recover Form option. If you like this notion of recovering lost Web form data, do get the Lazarus: Form Recovery add-on now, which is available for Firefox. But before that, let us look at how it functions in the browser.

How This Form Recovery Add-on Works

Lazarus aims at instantly saving all the keystrokes that you enter in an online form, comment box, blog tool, and other controls. This add-on is now available for the latest version of Firefox, wherein it technically works like a Session Restorer. I am sure that all those Internet aficionados out there will surely consider it as a must-have companion for their online digital life.

How To Obtain The Lazarus Form Recovery Add-On

You can get this add-on from Once you add this extension, you will see a yellowish key-like icon in the lower right corner on the Status bar of your browser.

Lazarus addon

Now, just right-click the icon and select Options to open its Options dialog box wherein you will see three sections via which you can make the desired changes to the working of Lazarus.

Lazarus addon options

The General section allows you to specify the display options, while the Security section enables you to save passwords, enable data removal within the specified time frame, enable the add-on in private browsing mode, and disable search indexing. Finally, the Database section allows you to manage the Lazarus database itself.

Lazarus  recovery options

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How To Use The Lazarus Form Recovery Add-On

To use the add-on, just open a Web page containing a form or a comment box. For example, open an article page so that you can comment on the information provided. Now, type an incomplete sentence and close the tab intentionally. After all, you cannot simulate a natural crash.

Now, open the same Web page again and you will see that all your text is gone. To bring back the entered text, just right-click the text area and you will see the contextual menu with two options: Recover Text and Recover Form.

recover text

 Now, just select Recover Text to see a sub menu with the text that you entered in the field previously. This is handy, as you can insert the text by clicking it, which eliminates the need to type it all over again.

Now, repeat the above steps on a Web page that has a form to be filled. In this case, you will see only the Recover Form option. You will finally be happy to see all your lost Web form data back.

recover form

Don’t you think that Firefox must come with this add-on by default? Well, do give your opinion via comments!

Note: Lazarus is also available for Chrome and Safari, which you can download from