Remote Desktop to Your Windows Computer From Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

With computer being able to perform a range of tasks at the same time, it is highly becoming a device that needs to be accessed at various places. Is the iOS device enough for you to be able to access your Windows computer from any place? Maybe the RDP Lite has an answer to this.

Set up Windows for distant Desktop Connection

If you are using either Windows 7 or Windows Vista, confirm that you have allowed the Remote Control of your system. If you haven’t already, go to “Properties” by right-clicking on “Computer”.

Setup Windows for Remote Desktop Connections

On the “System Properties” window, you will find five tabs. Select the “Remote” tab, which is to the far right. Here, you have to select the security level for any Remote connection created.

remote tab in system properties

In Windows XP

If you are using Windows XP, right-click on “My Computer” and pick “Remote” tab (there are seven different tabs on this window). Check the option “Allow users to connect…” not allowing the Remote Desktop is sure to give you a connection error. You have to make sure that the machine you are trying to connect is switched on.

system properties

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Install RDP Lite, connect and run remote session

Installing and setting RDP Lite is easy. Just download the app on the gadget. You can also get it from iTunes App Store.


Once the app is installed, go to “Edit Connections” from the Main Menu. In the next window, type the IP address of that system to which you wish to connect.

edit connections

By default it makes use of the 3389 port. So you will also have to set it up through “Port Forwarding”. You can also change the display settings. This will help run the program a bit faster. The RDP is a real genius. Even if you have more than one machine on the network, it will save separate RDP settings for every single machine.

When you connect to any of the machine, you will need to sign in, like the RDP on your desktop. Tap on “keyboard” icon to start the sign in process. Provide the credentials – your password and sign in.


Once you get an entry, you will be able to access anything and everything on the desktop from your iPod Touch or iPhone.

You can even change the location of the screen so that you can view it easily. It even makes it simpler to view the contents on the desktop and you can reach it more effectively.

The machine that you are currently logged in shows the log in screen, from where you can move on. You can then make changes by accessing the Control Panel. Once the Control Panel is open, you can make changes accordingly by selecting the options of your choice.

You can finally tap on “Disconnect” to end the session. Alternatively, if you sign into the system from where you had started this remote session with, you will get a message confirming of the disconnected session. Watch out for this message of confirmation. It is a stamp on your secure connection.