Remove The User Name From The Start Menu In XP

Do you love to try new things or some weird activities while you are on your computer? If yes, then this time, try deleting the user name that appears at the top of the XP’s Start menu. Although there is no evident reason as to why anyone would do this, but for all those real geeks out there, it is certainly a pleasure to find the way out for removing the default user name from the XP’s Start menu.

You might have thought of customizing the menu in different ways such as changing the style, modifying the look, and preventing the program highlight after installation. However, have you ever thought of removing the user name too? Well, now it’s time to think, as this article tells you how to do so. So, kindly read on…

Why Would Someone Remove The User Name?

We all know that the Start menu, by default, displays the logged in user’s name at the top in Windows XP. You might want to remove the user name when you are working at your desk and do not want anyone to see which user account you are using.

This seems mysterious, as one can even do so for accomplishing a wrong goal. For example, one can do so to log in as administrator for misusing the computer. On the other hand, the positive use can be to log in as administrator in his absence to revoke some rights of the users on the network for security purpose.

In this case, it is obvious that you do not want anyone to see this secret work. Nevertheless, you can remove the user name from the XP’s Start menu via a registry hack. However, you need to kindly note that this is possible only in the menu of XP style.

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How To Step Into The Registry For The User Name Removal

There is a small registry hack that you need to make manually for removing the user name. However, you need to do so quite carefully, as any mistake can make your system shut down forever. Here are the safe steps to remove the user name from the Start menu.

1. Click Start --> Run. The Run dialog box is displayed.
2. Enter regedit in the Open text box. The Registry Editor is displayed.
3. Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer key.
4. On the right side, right click anywhere and select New --> DWORD Value.
5. Enter the name as NoUserNameInStartMenu.
6. Double-click the new name. The Edit DWORD Value dialog box is displayed.
7. Enter 1 in the Value data text box.
8. Click OK.
9. Restart the system. You will now observe the Start menu without the user name at the top.

In case you want to restore the user name, delete the key or reset its Value data to 0. Apart from the name, you can even delete the picture.

To do so, browse to the Default Pictures folder via C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\User Account Pictures. Now, just rename it. Alternatively, if you are sure that you do not want the picture anymore, you can delete the folder as well.