Replace Google Chrome’s New Tab Page With Speed Dial

Google Chrome is a browser that has changed the way people used to browse the web. It is fast, it is quick and it is awesome. If the Chrome browser is in use with the right extensions, the joy of browsing and working with Chrome intensifies. Did you ever think of having an alternative to the New Tab page in Chrome? We are talking about the Speed Dial extension.

Replace Google Chrome’s New Tab Page With Speed Dial

Installing the Speed Dial Extension

When you start the installation process of this Speed Dial extension, you only need to click “Install” in the message window. This will install the extension to your Google Chrome browser. Remember that when you finish installing the extension, it takes the place of the New Tab Page.

Replace Google Chrome’s New Tab Page With Speed Dial

Once the installation process is complete, you will be able to see the “Information Tab”. As the name suggests, it gives you more information about the extension.

Using the Extension

When it is the first time you open the tab, you will realize that the Speed Dial page will have an altogether different look from what you used to see on the New Tab Page. The Google Search Box, the options, 12 dial-boxes to start with as well as the “Recently Closed” tabs bar will be visible.


It is worthwhile for you to go through the option before you actually start. In the “Options” you can make changes like setting the number of rows and columns (you can take a maximum of six rows and columns), or adding background image and color of your choice.

Google Chrome’s New Tab Page With Speed Dial

You can also have the option of deactivating the Search Box among many other such features.

Setting the Background Color

On the Speed Dial page, there is the option for you to set the colors of your choice. Of the currently available colors, just click on your preferred color icon and you are done.

Setting the Background Image

Immediately above the color options, you should see text box under “Background Image” with two buttons – “Set” and “Clear”.

Replace Google Chrome’s New Tab Page With Speed Dial

Type the URL for that image and click on “Set”. This will now set the selected image as the background image.

Adding Current Page to Speed Dial

It is possible that while surfing you will stumble upon a web site that you would like to add to Speed Dial. Well, it is easy. Click on “Address Bar Icon”. This will give you access to the drop-down menu, where you will find the option “Add Current Page”. Click it to add it to the Speed Dial. If you click on “Open”, the Speed Dial page will open.

Drag and Drop

When you have all the dial-boxes set up, you can give one final finishing touch to it by dragging and dropping the boxes according to your priority. If you right-click on the dial-box, the menu will show options for opening the web page either in a new tab or in a new window. There will also be an option for removing the dial-box from your settings. You can do so by using the last option “Remove Dial”.