Run Portable Chrome From Your Flash Drive on Any Windows Machine

If Chrome has become your favorite browser, I am sure you would like to work with it on any machine. Perhaps, you would love to have it with your customized settings and useful extensions, isn’t it? So, the question is: Is it possible to run Chrome on any computer without losing the extensions and settings?

The most exciting answer to this question is ‘Yes’! Thanks to the portable version of Chrome that you can set up on your flash drive for working with it on any machine with the desired settings and extensions. So, are you keen to know more? Well, let’s get started!

installing portable google chrome

Installing Portable Google Chrome

You need to first download the latest installer (16.0 Beta) by visiting the URL, The moment you visit this URL, a status bar will appear at the bottom of Chrome wherein you need to click the Keep button to download the installer.

Once downloaded, you will have to run the installer so that you can set it on your flash drive. During the installation, you will have to agree with the terms of License Agreement and specify the setup path (must start with your flash drive). Please note that this installation process will take some minutes to get over. Once it is over, open your flash drive, click the GoogleChromePortableBeta folder and double-click the executable file. That’s it! You will now see the Chrome browser window with the latest theme.

portable google chrome executable file

Enjoying Portable Chrome

Now, open any Web page in the browser you accessed from the flash drive. You will see that it works just like the standard version running on a PC with the same look and feel. In fact, you will hardly find a difference in your browsing experience. However, you need to know that the portable version might run a bit slower than the standard one depending upon the flash drive’s speed.

However, with the latest version, you can expect this browser to run quite faster than the previous versions. Anyways, this limitation is nothing in front of the flexibility of running Chrome on any computer.

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Actually, you can increase the speed of your portable Chrome by taking a risk. To do so, copy GoogleChromePortable.ini that is present at the GoogleChromePortable\Other\Source to the GoogleChromePortable folder and set its RunLocally attribute to true. This will make a copy of your profile onto the local machine, as if the browser is running from a CD.

When you shut down, the profile gets copied back onto your flash drive, but this will take time. Now, your privacy is at risk! This is because copying your profile on a machine that is not yours surely is against your privacy.

Even more admirable is the fact that all your browsing history and cookies are stored onto your flash drive, which means that your browsing data remains private. Further, saving cookies on flash drive gives you one more advantage of being logged in even while accessing your accounts from another computer.

Now, it’s time to install your favorite extensions so that you can use them in your browser on any machine to get things done quickly. Install them once and use them infinitely for a great customized experience. You can even click on the bookmark toolbar and get some most useful apps for your browser.