Search and Replace Specific Formatting (Fonts, Styles, Etc) in Microsoft Word


While we all have used the Find and Replace feature of MS Word, some people are still unaware of the fact that this feature has the power to replace much more than only words or phrases. How many of us know that MS Word can also replace the font, size, font style, color, text spacing, line spacing, and text effect?

Well, I know this sounds very interesting, but the query is why someone would want to find and replace formatting. Well, if you are also looking for an answer to this question, you are reading the right article via which you will also come to know how to find and replace formatting in MS Word 2007. So, continue reading!

find and replace in word 2007

Problem: Document With Unwanted Formatting

Let us assume that you are working in an IT firm. Your Team Lead (TL) has given you a task of going through a document written by someone else for removing unwanted text and formatting. When you open the document, you find that the textual content is good, but the formatting is quite disturbing. By this, I mean that there are many unnecessary words in the document, which are Arial + Italic, while the standard formatting for paragraphs throughout the document is Calibri + Regular.

Further, you observe that the style has been applied consistently wherever the words are repeated in the document. Now, you want to remove this style. However, you cannot afford to search the word in the document and then manually remove the style, as there are 100 pages to go through. So, you are looking for an efficient way to do so.

Solution: Let MS Word Search The Text And Replace Its Formatting

Fortunately, MS Word will not only look for a particular word, but will also replace its formatting in just a few seconds. The only extra step that you have to take is to specify the current formatting along with the formatting to be applied. With such flexibility, you can add, change, or remove the formatting of the text to be found or of the entire document. For example, you can replace Times New Roman + Regular by Calibri + Bold and Arial + Italic by Calibri + Not Italic. The latter one is wanted in the above scenario.

Implement The Solution: Open The Find and Replace Dialog Box

This dialog box facilitates one to change the font, color, style, indentation, and spacing of text in a document at once. Here are the steps to search and replace formatting in MS Word 2007.

1. Open the document.

2. In the Home tab, click Replace under the Editing group present at the extreme right.

click replace

Alternatively, press Ctrl + H. The Find and Replace dialog box is displayed.

find and replace box

3. In the Find what text box, enter the required word.

4. Click the More button. The dialog box is expanded to show more options.

find and replace more options

5. Under Replace, select Format –> Font to open the Font dialog box.

6. Select the font and font style that you want to replace.

font dialog box

7. Click OK.

8. In the Replace with text box, type the same word again and leave the cursor in the box.

9. Repeat step 5.

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10. Select the font and font style that you want to apply.

11. Click OK.

replace all button

12. Click the Replace All button. You will see that the new formatting has replaced the existing one for the specified word throughout the document. For the above scenario, you will have to repeat the steps for each word.


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