Search Wikipedia in Google Chrome the Easy Way

How often you rely on Wikipedia to know about the meanings and descriptions of different terminologies? If this dependency is really high, then how about making Wikipedia your search engine? Wondering how? Well, it is dire easy to do so if your browser is Google Chrome.

This Google delight is quite intelligent when it comes to searching on the Internet. So, let’s test this intelligence of Chrome for Wikipedia via its two approaches!

wiki lookup extension

Add Wikipedia Automatically To Chrome’s Search Engine List

Basically, when you search for a term using the Search box on a Web site, Chrome automatically adds the site to its list of search engines. This means that this particular site is now a search engine for Chrome. So, open Wikipedia and look for a specific term to add it to the Chrome’s list of search engines. After doing this, open a new tab and type in the Location bar and press Tab to type some other search term.

The moment you press Tab, the entered site name turns into a blue bar within the Location bar after which you can type your search term. In just a second, you will the desired Wiki page related to your search term. That’s it! This is the fastest and easiest way of searching Wikipedia.

However, if you prefer having the lookup option on the toolbar so that you can look for the desired term from any Web page, you might like the second approach of Chrome intelligence, using a dedicated extension.

Add Wiki Lookup Extension To Chrome

Chrome itself is not a genius, but it is the assortment of extensions that render it as a mastermind. One of them is the Wiki Lookup extension that allows you to look up for any piece of text on Wikipedia from any Web page. It offers the W icon on your Chrome toolbar, which when clicked, looks up for the selected text in Wikipedia mobile and displays the results in a popup. Even more commendable is the fact that the extension has the ability to auto-detect the page language to determine the word to be looked up. So, are you ready to add the extension to Chrome? Well, here we go!

Go to and just click the ADD TO CHROME button followed by the Install button. In just a second, you will see that the .crx file is downloaded and the standard W icon of Wikipedia is added on the toolbar.

installing wiki lookup

You are now ready to use the extension. However, if you wish to specify the language of the search results, you can do so by right clicking the icon and selecting Options.

Okay, now let’s use the W icon. Open the desired Web page, spot for a particular term that you want to search in Wikipedia, and click the icon on the toolbar to see a drop-down box.

wiki lookup installed

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Next, copy and paste the term in the Search field and click the typical Search icon. You will see that the Wikipedia results are displayed in a pop-up window that replaces the drop-down box of the W icon.

using wiki look extension

Did you notice the Open in new tab button?

Well, it indicates that you can also open the results in the new tab in case the processing takes a longer time and do not want it to distract you from your current focus on the opened Web page.

using wiki tool

So, which approach you liked the most? Do you desire for some more improvements? Well, do share with us in your comments!