See Maps of Street Address Locations the Easy Way

How many of us wish to see the street address maps while finding street addresses online? I am sure that a majority will raise their hands up including you, right? So, what you do to view your street address map?

At present, after finding street addresses, you certainly have to open Google Maps for having the aerial view of the respective locations. This is because you do not normally find the street address map on the Web site itself. However, what if I tell you that you can now enjoy an aerial view image and the street address map as well on the same Web page?

Well, I am talking about the Bookmaplet bookmarklet that can give you an instant street address map irrespective of the Web page and the location. So, if you need a street address map for having a quick aerial view of the different locations that you found as a result of finding street addresses, you will love to have this handy bookmarklet. So, let us explore about it in detail!

bookmaplet bookmarklet

Obtaining the Bookmaplet Bookmarklet

As usual, for installation, you will first have to visit the official Web site, Here, you will see the Map that address link button in green, which you need to drag onto your toolbar of Bookmarks.

Finally, the link will appear on the toolbar. That’s it! You are now ready to see the maps and images of street addresses while browsing.

map that address in toolbar

Using The Bookmaplet Bookmarklet

It is time to put the Bookmaplet bookmarklet into action. Okay, so just open a page that contains an address of a company, shopping mall, or restaurant. In fact, you can test the bookmarklet by using the URL from where you added it.

using bookmaplet

Let us assume that you are using the above URL itself for testing. On that page, you will find some addresses as examples for trying this handy bookmarklet.

Now, just select any address on the page without selecting the actual name to which the address belongs. For example, if it is a famous landmark such as The White House, kindly do not select it. In short, just highlight the street address.

bookmaplet in action

Once you have selected the street address, click the Map that address bookmarklet on the toolbar. The moment you do so, a small popup window appears with the street address map.

This street address map is the same as it appears on the Google Maps page. By this, I mean that not only the look is identical, but this small map also has those typical elements such as the three views at the top right corner and the navigation as well as zoom arrows on the left.

satellite view

In most cases, you will have to zoom in the map for having a clearer view. If you need an image, the Satellite view is for you, while to enjoy the mix of both Map and Satellite views, the Hybrid view is the best option. No matter which view you choose, there is no way you can resize the popup window. However, you can open it in Google Maps or close it via the corresponding buttons located at the bottom right corner.

Note: If you cannot see the popup window after highlighting the address, you can troubleshoot the problem by visiting