Send Or Receive Emails In Gmail On Your Schedule With Boomerang (And We Have Invites)

There is no doubt that we all love to use Gmail for sending and receiving messages. However, have you ever felt the need of sending or receiving a message at a different time? By this, I mean that there are times when you might have felt like scheduling a message to be sent at a different time in Gmail. But sadly, Gmail itself has no such utility for its users.

However fortunately, there’s a way out for all those who want to enjoy scheduling in Gmail. I am talking about the Boomerang browser plug-in that refers to a novel beta add-on for Firefox and Chrome. Let’s now explore this add-on in detail!

About The Boomerang Plug-In

Visually, Boomerang refers to a plug-in that gets added to your browser in form of a button. Functionally, it allows you to schedule your Gmail messages so that they appear in the Inbox at the specified time and are sent to the recipients at your desired time. In addition, it offers 1,000 invites as well.

So, whether you want to send an email after three days or desire to move an email out of your Inbox until the next five days, Boomerang is really handy. Therefore, let’s put it into action now.

Installing Boomerang

Visit and click the red Install Boomerang button.

Send Or Receive Emails In Gmail On Your Schedule With Boomerang

By default, it will start to download the utility for Chrome in which case you will see a bar at the bottom of your browser with the Continue and Discard buttons.

Send Or Receive Emails In Gmail On Your Schedule With Boomerang

If you want it for Chrome, click the Continue button or else click Firefox on the download page. Assuming the download for Chrome, the Confirm Installation dialog box will now appear wherein you have to click the Install button.

Send Or Receive Emails In Gmail On Your Schedule With Boomerang

Finally, a message appears on the toolbar, which indicates you to start using Boomerang.

Using Boomerang For Scheduling Incoming Emails

Just log onto Gmail, open a message, and the Boomerang button appears in the toolbar. Next, click the button and select your desired time at which you would wish to see this message back into your inbox.

Send Or Receive Emails In Gmail On Your Schedule With Boomerang

Now, an access permission window appears for authenticating Boomerang with Gmail account. For this, you must click Allow. This window will appear only when you try to schedule for the first time.

Finally, the Processing message pop-up appears below the button and the message disappears from your Inbox in no time. Now, at the set time, Boomerang will re-introduce the message as Unread into your Inbox. Meanwhile, the message is stored in the Boomerang folder that you can access from the left panel.

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Using Boomerang For Scheduling Outgoing Emails

Just compose your email and click the Save Now button for saving the changes.

Notice that the Boomerang button is now available as the Send Later button. So, click it and select the time at which you wish to send this email.

You can enter date and time in the field under At a specific time section or just select from the options in hours, weeks, and days. While entering the date and time, stick to normal phrases such as Next week or Tomorrow at 10 PM and click Confirm when you are done.

In case you have not saved your message, you will get a prompt to do so before scheduling. Finally, a small notification in yellow will appear below the Search field indicating the date and time at which your message will be sent.


Boomerang can even delight you in Google Apps if your administrator has turned on the Oath and Single Sign-on support.