Share Web Pages With The AddThis Bookmarklet

How many times have you felt like sharing Web pages instantly, but could not do so just because of the absence of the desired sharing option? Many times, we come across some interesting Web pages that we want to share with our friends and colleagues.

However, due to the lack of sharing icons such as Blogger and Digg, we have to step back in sharing the Web page instantly on our favorite social service networks.

It is true that the Share Options on many Web pages are really limited. For example, some Web pages will have the sharing icons such as Facebook, Stumble, and Tweeter; while a few will contain the Digg, Reddit, and Technorati icons. You will hardly find a page that offers all the sharing options.

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

So, chances are high that we might not get the sharing option of our choice on our favorite Web pages. If this is the problem with you, you will be happy to know that you now no longer have to face it. You can easily share Web pages on any social service network with the help of the AddThis bookmarklet, a utility that facilitates one-click sharing. Let’s explore it in more detail.

How To Obtain The AddThis Bookmarklet

In order to use the AddThis bookmarklet, you will have to first add it to your browser. Unlike other utilities, you do not have to download or install it. Just go to the official Web page of this bookmarklet, and drag the black Share button to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser.

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

Finally, you will notice that the Share link appears on the toolbar. This indicates that you are now ready to share Web pages with your friends and colleagues on any social site.

This bookmarklet is available for IE 7, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers. If you wish to obtain the bookmarklet for any of these browsers, you will have to visit When I added in Chrome, the above link worked well for me.

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

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How To Use The AddThis Bookmarklet

Just open the Web page that you want to share instantly but do not want to bookmark it for later reference. For example, a page with interesting IT news fits into this category.

Now, click Share on the bookmarks toolbar and you will see the Bookmarks & Share window showing 10 to 12 links to your favorite social service networks. Did you notice the Email, Print, and Favorites options? This means that you can directly send an email to anyone without opening your specific email account such as Yahoo or Gmail, print it instantly, or add the link to the Favorites list.

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

Now, click the desired social site link in the window so that you can share the Web page with your friends. In case you do not find the link of your choice, click More… and you will see that the window gets expanded with more than 300 links to social sites.

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

Kindly note that you can perform a quick search by typing the name of your favorite service in the Search field atop instead of scrolling. If you choose a social service link, you will be asked to login for sharing the Web page instantly.

In case of Gmailing it, you will still have to login to your account after which a new tab will open with the Compose window wherein every section is already populated for you, except for the To field.

Share Web Pages with the AddThis Bookmarklet

Warning: The bookmarklet will not function on pages where JavaScript is disabled.

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