Simple Steps On How You Can Make Your Own Storyboards In Photoshop

Story telling is an art for centuries.  Actually some very ordinary stories become interesting ones, only by using the art appropriately.   There are many style of storytelling & each one finds their own way to do it.  Now it is the age of computing & the system upgrade also for that purpose. 

Photoshop is one of the software’s from which we can create great storyboards.

Creating The Storyboard Template:

To create the storyboard first and foremost a template is needed.  You need to decide at first how many images you want to add & the size of final product.   In the Photoshop window first go to File > new > choose size of template > choose dpi.

Choose the colour of your choice for the background.  Selecting some dark colours like black or brown will be preferable as it will lend a more enhanced effect.

Now time to put some guidelines into your template.  Press Control & R at a time to turn on rulers.  Choose the unit of measurement like Inches or centimeter, preferably inches.

Now go to VIEW > New guide, a dialogue box will appear & choose vertical or horizontal.  Now select vertical & 1″, start it with the left side of left image.  You can notice a blue line in the left side of canvas.  Now drag the lust image of the canvas.

Draw another guideline to separate images from middle.  Put a small separate gap between all images.  It is important.  If you won’t do it your final presentation will appear overlapping.

By following same steps, draw a horizontal guideline.  Place it one in near top & another in near bottom.  Now your canvas has some rectangles where you need to fit the images.  Save your template. Your basic template is ready! Actually this basic template will help you to jump previous steps in future.

Select rectangular Marquee Tool and by using your guides select the spot where you want to put your first image.  Then Right click – Layer via Copy.  Now click somewhere in the middle of this spot by using the magic wand & select it again.  Edit – Fill, choose fill colour as you like.  I personally like dark colour, like Black, brown or blue.  You can experiment with violet.  Now you have a block with dark background to put the first image.

Select background layer & choose the area of second image.  Follow these steps for every image.  Now it’s time to do some text marker. Choose the background layer & choose text into bottom left or right corner.  Choose the front size & text style as you like.  Type two words, “TEXT HERE”.  Give some alignment to the images for look good factor.  Now you have a template with background, text, & Images.  Save the file as a PSD file.

Import the photos into Photoshop.   Now make sure its size & resolution matches your frame, if not then edit it before importing it.

Drag & drop those images into your template.  Remember that every storyboard requires multiple pages, so you repeat the given steps for every page.  Another thing to keep in mind is, the quality of your presentation depends upon your nature of storytelling.  Means arrangement of photograph is very important to show the matter properly.

Tip: Never use any extra unwanted effect in the template.  It could rotten your full presentation.