Solve And Graph Equations In Word And OneNote

Who wouldn’t like to have both CAS and graphing calculator program for free? In this article we will tell you how to get both the applications on your computer.
To make beautiful and intelligent graphs and to help achieve solutions for great mathematical equations, it is necessary to install Microsoft’s Mathematics Add-in for both Word 2007 and 2010. These are handy applications that will make your job much easier and simpler.

How To Get Started?

Solve and Graph Equations in Word

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First download (for free) and then install the Microsoft Mathematics Add-in. however, before you begin the installation process, make sure that Word and OneNote are not running. The Math add-in is very helpful when it comes to preparing intelligent 3D graphs with beautiful graphics. The graphs are powered by DirectX so you will have to install this application as well.

When you open Word 2007 or 2010 after installing the Math add-in, the new Mathematics option will be visible in the ribbon. You can go ahead and add graphs and equations directly in your Word document now.

You will notice a similar tab in OneNote 2010 as well. However, this will not be there in OneNote 2007 as it has no ribbon. OneNote 2010 is preferred for solving mathematical calculations because its editing is more hassle-free.

Features In OneNote 2010

A very useful feature in OneNote is that equations can be inserted into Word documents using the digital ink. If you are using the edit option for a new equation, select the Ink Equation option.

Now you can start editing the equation directly on your touch screen. The equations can be written out using the mouse as well though many people will prefer writing them in for obvious reasons. You can add more equation options to your gallery by visiting the

Features In Word

Word will give you access to a number of tools that can be used for editing the equations. These tools are built-in feature in Microsoft Word. OneNote too has some of these tools but they aren’t as elaborate in OneNote as they are in Word.

Solve and Graph Equations in Word

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To use the tools in Word, first key in the equation concerned and then click on the Graph option. You will get your graph either in 2D or in 3D as per the equation. Once you get your graph, you will also get the option of Graph addin. Open this option and customize the graph using options such as wireframe, zoom level, animation and more. Select the Insert button to place the graph in your document.

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The option of Math add-in gives you the liberty of using integrate and differentiate formulas as well in your equations. This is not all. The Math add-in can solve problems of greater complexity than simple differentiation and integration. Hence, the application is a boon for students of Mathematics at higher level.


It does not matter what level of mathematical problems you want to solve; the Math add-in from Microsoft will make your work easier and simpler for all levels of math. Students and professionals alike can use the application for solving mathematical problems. You can now forget about any other graphing calculator applications. This one application is available to your for free!