Step By Step Guide To Build Computer Software

Step By Step Guide To Build Computer Software Making software is a long time process. Software is basically a bunch of instructions written in a programming language based on client demands. When someone demands software generally a group of people perform a task according to the actual requirement. This phase is called the “Requirement Analysis”.

Requirements And Essential Information

First to start the process find out is it a new one or an update of the previous system. These findings help a lot at the time of development of the software. People involved with this meet the client several times to know what he is actually looking for and generate a report based on the requirements of the client.

This report is very important as the product is designed and delivered based on it. Then a design is made which shows the flow of the program or the manner the program will run. This diagram also indicates the files or procedures to be maintained. This step is very important and if this step is done efficiently then the following steps can be followed very easily.

Choosing A Language

Among hundreds of languages the developers choose the one for making the software based on the design and the outcome needed. It is the most important tool for the programmers. In today’s world of programmers the mostly used languages are Java, C++, Visual Basic etc.

Primarily the developers find that if the required software is Internet based or not. This helps them to choose the language. Now, if it is made for offline purpose, a look at the file structure or database is required. Based on all these the developers find the best match to make it successful.

Program Preparation

After choosing proper language the next find is proper tool. In present day’s development environment in a single suite all the essential tools like editor, compiler etc. come together. There is also a special tool to make it executable. So, after choosing this tool suite and the logic how the computer language will interact between the users and the computers, the programmers start work with syntaxes.

A program is a set of sequenced commands. These commands are written with the use of the chosen language and are called syntax. Actually the users only operate the front end part of the program. But the main operations takes place at back end which the programmers develop.

Software development is not a single handed task. It needs some programmers to work upon different segments and a team leader to lead them. After developing all the segments of the required program, the team leader arranges them in a proper way and makes an executable one.


After the software is ready for the client, there must be a testing time of it at client’s base to search if it meets with the goal or not. The testing is done for a small time period. Often some changes are to be done by the programmers in this period. After this testing period the software is finally completed. It gets installed at client’s computers.