Stop YouTube Videos From Automatically Playing In Chrome

Although the YouTube video clips are among the most loved trailers, users simultaneously abhor the auto-playing feature when they appear on other Web sites. If you are a regular Internet surfer or a great online video watcher, you must have come across Web pages that display auto-playing YouTube videos.

I am sure that such videos must have triggered irritation within you. Well, it’s now high time to block this annoying autoplay feature. If this sounds interesting, read ahead to beat this annoying experience. However, you need to be a Chrome user as well.

Take The Advantage Of The Stop Autoplay For YouTube Extension

YouTube autoplay is seriously frustrating, especially while you are working with multiple Web pages or tabs at a time. To turn this autoplay feature off, there are several extensions and one of them is now available to the Chrome users. This is the Stop Autoplay for YouTube extension.

Unlike other extensions that turn off the auto play feature and block the video’s pre-buffering task, this extension uniquely allows buffering to continue apart from stopping the video from playing automatically. Now, this is actually an advantage offered by this extension, as continued buffering allows you to play the video whenever you like, as it gets downloaded completely in advance; which is essential for slow networks.

Stop YouTube Videos from Automatically Playing In Chrome

To use this extension, download it by visiting the Chrome’s extension page or by going to its official Web page, As usual, click the ADD TO CHROME and Install buttons to install it. That’s it! There is no user interface nor it offers the Options page; so do not expect any of the two. After installation, you will find that now the YouTube videos do not start playing automatically.

Stop YouTube Videos from Automatically Playing

In case you want to remove the extension later, go to wrench --> Tools --> Extensions and click the Uninstall link in the section of the extension. Alternatively, you can also type chrome://extensions in the Address bar.

Put Flashblock For Chrome Into Action

Flashblock is the most recommended way to stop YouTube videos from playing automatically in Firefox. Fortunately, it is now also available to the Chrome users. Use this extension for disabling Flash across all the Web pages in Chrome. If you don’t know, let me tell you that many YouTube videos are displayed on the Web pages via Flash. So, it makes sense to use this extension.

Stop YouTube Videos from Automatically Playing In Chrome

To get Flashblock for Chrome, go to and add it to your browser just as you installed the above extension. Once you install this extension, there is no chance for you to view any Flash elements on any Web page.

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And yes, do notice the small flash icon with a black slash on it in the Address bar. This indicates that your extension is working. In case you want to view a Flash element, you need to enable it via a click.

Stop YouTube Videos from Automatically Playing In Chrome

Now, just access the Settings page by clicking the icon and selecting Options. You will see the two tabs namely, Settings and White List. Select the White List tab and you will see that YouTube is already selected, which means that YouTube is in the allow list, not in the block or stop list. If you want to avert this, just clear the check box below Allow Flash. And yes, you can even add more sites on which you do not want to block the Flash elements by clicking the Add button. Cool na?

What is your opinion about the two extensions? Which one you think is better? Kindly share with us via comments!