Sync Your Google Chrome Bookmarks, Theme, and More

Do you often have to access Google Chrome on different operating systems or on different computers? If yes, then I am sure that you would like to maintain a consistent browsing experience irrespective of the device (laptop or PC), OS (Mac or Linux), and task (mailing or signing up). By this, I mean you would love to keep your settings, theme, bookmarks, and more synced across multiple computers executing Chrome. The good news is that it is quite easy to do so without using any third-party app or service.

All the credit goes to the Chrome Sync feature that enables you to access your synced bookmarks (via Google Docs), preferences, extensions, and settings from any OS or computer. All you need to have is a Google account and the browser running on multiple computers. So, let’s now see how to sync your Chrome theme, bookmarks, preference, and more.

Setting the Chrome Sync

To being with, open Chrome and select wrench --> Set up Chrome sync. Alternately, you can select wrench --> Options --> Personal Stuff --> Set up sync.

Setting the Chrome Sync

This alternative is the only way to begin in the latest release – Chrome 6 dev.

Setting Chrome Sync

Now, a popup is displayed for entering Google credentials. In case you have application-specific password, it will also ask you to enter it as well. Finally, in some seconds, the Confirm Sync Preferences popup is displayed. Herein, just click OK. Now, your browser is synced with the cloud.

Confirm Sync Preferences

Repeat the above steps on a different computer in case you want to sync your bookmarks and more on it. Doing so will merge the bookmarks, theme, and more from your first computer with the Chrome browser running on the second one. In this way, you can sync multiple computers.

Customizing the Sync Settings

Considering the above steps, everything gets synced by default including apps, extensions, passwords, and preferences. In case you want to sync only a few items, you can specify that as well.

Sync Settings

To do so, go to Personal Stuff and click the Customize button or directly click the Synced as option from the wrench drop-down menu. If you choose the former way, do notice the Stop syncing this account button. Clicking it will stop the syncing process.

Confirm Sync Preferences

After clicking the Customize button, you will see the Confirm Sync Preferences popup wherein you need to select Choose what to sync from the drop-down box. You can now clear the check boxes of the items that you do not wish to sync. Finally, click OK.

Customize chrome

In case of the default Chrome version, you can sync only Themes, Bookmarks, and Preferences. On the other hand, in the latest Chrome 6 dev version, you can sync more stuff such as extensions and form data.

Google Chrome Bookmarks

In case of theme, Chrome will notify you whenever you install a new theme via sync. You can click Undo if you do not wish to keep the new theme anymore.

View Chrome Bookmarks From Any Computer

Until now, you saw how to sync bookmarks and more across operating systems and computers. However, what you will do if you are using Chrome from a public computer? Do not worry; while syncing your bookmarks across the computers and operating systems, Chrome also stores them to your Google Docs account simultaneously.

View Chrome Bookmarks From Any Computer

To check this out, log on to your Google Docs account and select the Google Chrome folder wherein you can view your bookmarks. To open a desired bookmark, right-click it and click Show Details. Isn’t this cool?

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