Things To Know About Before Buying A Computer

Do you wish to buy a new computer? Well, you are not at all late in doing so, because the current time of cheap, but high quality computers along with the accessories have never come before. Therefore, the biggest benefit of buying a computer now is cost efficiency. This means you’re not worry about your investment in getting a computer, as there will be no burden on the wallet or bank balance. Perhaps, you can get the most suitable laptops or desktops for not even $500.

However, there will be many questions or decisions to confuse you – Should I get a laptop or desktop, is it good to have an Intel or AMD processor, which Internet connection is suitable for me, and what kind of mouse, printer, and other hardware are good. Well, you now no longer need to break your head on these questions. This is because in this article, you will get an answer to all these questions. Keeping this aim in mind, here are the things to think about before buying a computer.

Consider the Type – Desktop or Laptop

To determine this, you must determine the purpose of buying the computer. If you need to use the computer from anywhere and tend to roam often, then laptop is the best bet. On the other hand, if you want your computer to act as the single hub for every possible use such as watching movies, playing music, and doing work from home, a multimedia desktop or Mac computer that can work with your home theater system or TV is the right choice. Laptops at home available for over 1800$ are only advisable if you need a computer for video editing or hardcore gaming.

Laptops come in many varieties such as ultra-portable, mainstream, thin-and-light, and desktop replacements. The ultra-portable laptops are truly for carrying out business and for those who need to carry a computer anywhere daily, while the thin-and-light are for both business and entertainment purposes fulfilled by high performance. As a cheap alternative to the latter, mainstreams are preferred, but are tiresome to carry, while desktop replacements are for those who need to shift from one room to another in home. In case of desktops, get an all-in-one type that takes less space of your desk and come with  a LCD monitor screen.

Compare the Famous Operating Systems – Windows, Linux, or MAC

Windows is the standard OS in use, as it has the capability of running maximum applications. However, it turns out to be a nightmare when viruses or spyware attack. However, due to the frequent releases of the security updates by Microsoft, it is still the choice of those who want access to most hardware and applications. Choose Windows XP than Windows Vista if you are buying a budget conscious computer with fewer resources.

In case you need to create music, edit photos, or generate videos, Mac OSX featured in an Apple computer is the choice. This OS is also less prone to spyware and virus attacks as compared to the Windows although how long its ability of security will last is still a matter of debate. However, it still gives compatibility problems with printers, back-up drives, and 3G wireless cards.

Linux is the choice of administrators because of its almost 100% invulnerability to spyware and viruses and its capability to control a network. However, its con is difficult troubleshooting for a novice user, comparability issues, and lack of support for games.

Identify the Ideal Processor – AMD or Intel – and its Related Hardware

This decision is easy to make. Go for the AMD processor if you are seriously on a tight budget or want to restrict your use to only word processing or mailing. Otherwise, the latest Intel processors are the current hot demand, as they are more efficient and quicker, which means no hang-ups while in use. In case of laptop, it ensures longer battery life.

Experts recommend Core 2 Duo in general and a processor of 2-gigahertz (GHz) and higher for a gaming PC. In case you like a computer that supports only AMD processors, get Turion 64 X2 mobile processor or Phenom X4. In case of Intel, ensure obtaining the latest processors built on the novel 45nm process. This is because this feature results in cooler and faster processors that are cheap to buy and feasible to use.

Along with the processor, you must also focus on RAM that will give speed to your computer. You must at least choose a RAM of 2GB. Coming to the optical drives, look for DVD writer if you want a PC for general use. In case, you want to watch video on TV, ensure that there is an HDMI output. Lastly, consider the storage capacity of the hard disk, which should be always more than 20GB.

Determine the Perfect Peripherals

Now, you must look for mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, ports, and Internet equipments. Go for wireless keyboard (2.4GHz or IR) and mouse if you want to work freely from your sofa. Avoid going for Bluetooth in case of wireless peripherals. Monitor of 19 to 21 inches with the resolution of 1440×900 as well as response time of 8ms is a good choice.

In case of printer, again focus on its use. Laser printer is good for printing lot of text (for business or professional ones), while Inkjet printer is for the colorful documents and photos (for people using it less frequently). Talking about the ports, at least two USB ports are mandatory. However, for watching HD movies, you need to get a Blu-ray drive that is costly but worthy.

Coming to Internet connectivity, you have wired and wireless options according to which the dealer will provide you with a router and necessary cords. Go for a Bluetooth LAN connection in case of personal use or choose 3G WAN if you want to maintain a connection via a laptop while roaming.

Take Into Account The Required Software

This involves antivirus and firewall, Office, movie and audio playing software, browser for surfing the net, games, and CD/DVD burning software. Each operating system provides its own set of some or all of these programs.