Tips For Choosing The Best Type Of Internet Modem For Yourself

MO-DEM, which can be expanded into modulator-demodulator, is essentially a device that all computers require to connect to the Internet. Modem is also used for sending faxes. A modem can be both external as well as internal. However, using an external modem allows ease of installation as well as greater convenience.

Once you connect to the Internet using a modem, you will be able to transfer information back and forth between your personal computer and your Internet service provider. Let’s discuss more on different types of modems.

Analog Modems

Also called a dial-up or analog modem, it is of the most widely used modem by home users for connecting to the Internet. The connection between modem and computer is made using the standard telephone line. Dial-up or analog modems may reach a speed up to 55 kb per second. However, if you have a slow connection speed, it can be because of various problems such as inconsistent phone lines and signal quality. Analog modem can also be an internal device that can be easily plugged into PCI slot that is present on the motherboard. Some advantages of using a dial up modem include low-cost and easy setup.

Moreover, it is a simple equipment and almost everyone can use it very easily. Some disadvantages are also associated with a dial-up modem such as your phone line remains occupied till the time you’re using the Internet and data transmission rate is also quite low.

Cable Modems

Cable modems are also quite popular and are preferred over analog modems. The reason is simple; it allows fast Internet browsing. The cable modem connects to the Internet by using the same wire that helps in transmitting cable television signal.

An internal modem is plugged into the motherboard’s expansion slot and an external modem makes use of a network adapter that plugs to a computer port. Cable modems do not cause any interference in television viewing as both these applications make use of different frequencies. Another advantage of using cable model is that it does not make use of a telephone line.


A DSL Internet connection should be your preference if you want a reliable and fast access to the Internet. DSL modems are not only easy to use, they’re also easy to setup. Only after few minutes of working, you can be online and start downloading whatever you feel like at remarkable speeds.

DSL modem also offers a number of advantages over conventional modems. Personally, it provides independent services. Even if you’re downloading high-speed data, it will not affect your telephone or Internet access. DSL modem also offers a much secure internet connection and it easily interfaces with WAN, ATM and Nx64 technology.

DSL model also offers a few disadvantages such as it makes internet usage more costly than cable and dial-up modems.


Similar to an analog modem, ISDN modem connects to a telephone line but being a high-speed digital modem, it is faster than analog modem irrespective of whether you use an internal or external one.

While external ISDN adapters are connected through a serial port and may reach a speed of approximately 115 kb per second, internal ISDN adapters are even faster. Most of the ISDN external adapters come with two telephone ports which facilitates plugging in both fax and telephone machine.

Although, you can use both Internet and phone simultaneously with ISDN modems but doing this may slow down the Internet connection speed. However, one big advantage that ISDN modem offers is that it provides high data rate; and for launching a connection, the modem takes only 2 seconds.


ADSL modems are one of the most preferred options. The signals, in case of ADSL modems, are transmitted through a standard phone line but the frequency at which the signals are transferred are much higher than a dial-up modem. Moreover, ADSL modems are also connected both internally as well as externally. Internal ADSL modems can be simply plugged into the expansion slot on motherboard and does not make use of a network adapter.

An external ADSL modem make use of a network adapter and is connected to your computer’s external port. Speeds that you can achieve with ADSL modems are up to 1.5 Mb per second. Moreover, you always stay connected with the Internet, even if you using your telephone.

Moreover, if you are using your phone line while you’re browsing the Internet, there will be no affect on the Internet speed. Some other advantages that ADSL modem offers are broadband connectivity, uninterrupted high speed, VOIP services and cost effectiveness.

Choosing The Best Modem

Almost everyone wants their internet connection to be as fast as possible. At times, using an analog or dial-up connection can be quite frustrating. Most people either use a cable modem connection or ADSL modem.

Before choosing a specific modem, you must first compare its availability and how many people in your area are using the same connection. Because cable TV network already exists, it’s quite easy to avail a cable Internet connection. DSL modem also employs use of existing telephone wires so going for a DSL modem is also not a bad idea. However, if you stay in a rural region, using both these modems are not suited for you. Such people can go for wireless internet connection.

While choosing a modem, you must pay attention to the connection speed that is being offered as it is often the key factor most people look for. Theoretically, a cable modem is faster than DSL but in actuality, people are not that much satisfied with cable modem speed. When several people access Internet simultaneously, cable modem may not provide the same speed as it usually does. However, in case of DSL modem, you get a uniform speed.

Quality of service also pays a very important role. With broadband or DSL Internet connection, you will obviously get a better quality of service. However, cable broadband users often complain of bad service as the Internet speed usually keeps fluctuating. Although DSL modem or Internet connection can be a bit costly than cable modem connection, but if you compare it with the kind of service and satisfaction you’re going to receive, DSL modem is undoubtedly a preferred choice. Those who do not want to compromise even a bit in speed and quality of service, must choose ADSL modem.