Tips For Hassle Free Computer Upgrade

Upgrading computer using appropriate guidelines is an essential practice that should be followed by every individual in order to achieve a stable and compatible computer performance. Now-a-days upgrading your computer system has become one of the necessary parts, as the requirement for various application and programs changes day by day making it necessary to keep computer up to date with the upcoming technologies. To upgrade the computer system it is necessary to follow some of the tips so as to reduce the time and energy required to upgrade the system.

Useful Tips To Upgrade Computer System

To start with upgrading it is necessary that you should have basic knowledge about computer and their parts as this is important to start with the hardware up gradation. If you don’t have knowledge regarding computers then it is advisable to take help of professional technician. While upgrading CPU and other electrical device it is important to know that they are connected to electricity and hence should be handled with intense care. It is important for you to know about electronic mechanism before remodeling computer system.

While working on the motherboard you must know about the static electricity as it flows in carpets and in any grounded material, so the first step is to remove such material from flowing through your fingers to avoid electrical shocks. Static proof gloves will protect you from static electricity and shocks while upgrading motherboard.

Unplug all the electrical devices before upgrading and wait for some time as sometimes even after unplugging there can be electrical transfer in some of the device like capacitor causing short circuit.

Another tip for upgrading is that clean the processor fan or CPU fan as dust and webs accumulated on the casing can cause short circuit and also causes malfunctioning of the fan. If CPU fan does not work properly due to dust accumulation, it may lead to sudden shut down while using the computer system. Use portable vacuum cleaners to clean the fan. While upgrading the system never remove the jumpers placed on the motherboard as this may lead to system malfunction. If jumpers are not connected properly or are loosely connected then only touch the jumpers. To upgrade RAM check the compatibility with the motherboard as RAM has to be inserted in the slot provided on the motherboard.

While upgrading the hard disk drive makes sure that the hard disk is compatible with the operating system and processor as only some of the hard disk is compatible with computer system. Read the user manual that is provided with the computer at the time of purchase as upgrading various hardware devices requires proper knowledge and techniques also read all the compatibility notification about the device that is published on the official websites of the company before upgrading to avoid any kind of problem. While upgrading operating system makes sure that the OS is compatible with the system and with previous installed OS as some of the operating system cannot be upgraded to higher version or downgraded to lower version.