Tips To Play Ogg Music Files in iTunes for Windows

iTunes has become an integral part of all music lovers. If you like listening to music in the Ogg format then this can get a bit tricky as most iTunes and WMP do not play them directly. There are some technicalities that will help music lovers to listen to their Ogg files in iTunes.

In the following paragraphs we will be discussing two simple solutions for how to Play Ogg Music Files in iTunes for Windows.

Installing Xiph QuickTime Components

The first and easiest of the two methods is to install Xiph QuickTime Components. The best part is that the solution is easy to install and is absolutely free. When installing, here are the steps that are to be followed.

Ensure that the iTunes is not in the functional mode. Browse through the website to install the official version of Xiph Quick Time Components. These components are compatible with Ogg files and since iTune too is an application based on Quick Time, therefore it easily gets attuned with Ogg files.

Now just add Ogg files to the iTunes window. This can be done either by dragging the file to the library of iTunes window or one can use the ‘Add File” command under the ‘File’ option and add the Ogg format to iTunes. Play the files and enjoy your music!

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Convert Ogg to MP3 with Audio Converter

The second solution for how to Play Ogg Music Files in iTunes for Windows lies in converting the Ogg format music files into MP3 format by using audio converter.

Download a Music Converter

Download Bigasoft Audio Converter to your computer and run it before converting the Ogg file to MP3 format. The audio converter is popular, free, and easy to use for converting one file format to another.

Once installed in the PC, the application can be used for conversion of Ogg music files to MP3, WAV and much more. The software is also equipped with the latest editing functions.

Import Ogg to Bigasoft Audio Converter

Go to the option ofAdd File” and select it to bring in Ogg music files to Bigasoft Audio Converter. The other way of adding Ogg to the converter is to drag the Ogg files into the main window of Bigasoft Audio Converter.

Set MP3 as Output format

Once the Ogg files have been added to the audio converter, set MP3 as the output format. Select the “Profile” option and select MP3 and other formats that are compatible with iTune. This will set the selected option as the output format.

Start conversion of Ogg files to MP3 format by selecting the “Convert” option. Once the conversion is over, simply drag the MP3 files to iTunes and listen to your OGG music files on iTunes of Windows.

Benefits of These Methods

Firstly, the conversion of Ogg format to iTune compatible files allows you to listen to Ogg music files not only in iTunes but also iPad and iPhone.

Secondly, since the audio converter comes with additional editing features, therefore the Ogg files can be edited as you wish before you convert them.