Tools and Applications for Bloggers

Blogging has become very common nowadays; if you check the number of blogs on the Internet you will find blogging as the latest hobby today. However, everyday there are many amateur bloggers taking up this hobby, and many of them find it quite difficult to get well versed with what to write and how to write.

Also, managing among various blogs to ensure a good viewership can be difficult. To help all you experienced and inexperienced bloggers let’s see the many applications that are available to make blogging a very easy and interesting experience.

Applications For Bloggers

Choosing a good Editor will be of great help. For starters, having a good editor that helps you add and modify your blogs can be of great value. Nowadays editors come with so many latest features and utilities that managing many blogs at a time can be quite easy. You can see how your blog looks before publishing and drag and drop pictures with great ease. Windows Live Writer, BlogJet and Qumana are some of the great Application s that can be used on Windows operating system and other OS also.

Many Side Editor Support applications are also present that are of help when you are typing text in your editor. These applications come up with various suggestions of images (with license), tags, and related articles to support your content. Zementa is one of the many side support applications for your editors.

Applications that help keep a track of many pages and topics that you would want to read later are available. Many a times it happens that we come across some interesting articles while browsing for some other information. There are many tools available for the same, you can save and organize a lot of data that you would like to view later.

Read-It-Later and Instapaper are examples of such interesting applications. The content can be saved through computer or mobile via many applications, though Instapaper cannot be connected through many applications it has the quality of being able to save entire emails instead of just links ( as in case of Read-It-Later).

Applications to Highlight and Bookmark and add Notes on various Web pages are available. These Applications allow you to stick your personal notes and attach them on Web pages, and you to see them every time you view the page. Even the other people who have added your notes to their pages can be viewed too.  You can even take screen – shots and add them to the explanations on the Web page too. Diigo is one such tool that allows you to do all of this.

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Springpad is again one such similar application on which you can add notes and add tasks too. It comes with reminder features and if at some point you want to search for a particular product or anything else, it remembers what you wanted to search. It can be very easily accessed from your pc and mobile devices.

Feedback and Responses are very important for Bloggers. There are some interesting applications available that help keep in touch with your viewers. These Applications easily help create surveys and polls and is very convenient to get opinions and feedbacks.

These applications let you create a tally instead of making you go through each and every response. You can get quick responses on your iPhone and iPods too through these applications. PollDaddy is one such application and has gained a lot of popularity among bloggers.