Tools To Help Post Content On Your WordPress Blog

The WordPress blogs have always been the easiest means to create great blogs for attracting the online traffic. You can easily design one by opening an account at to access the WordPress editor.

Although this online editor promotes easy content management, one cannot deny that several other easy-to-use tools exist for posting content on the WordPress blogs directly. So, do you wish to try these WordPress blog tools for posting text and multimedia content? Let us check them out now!

Smart Posting Via Mobile Phones

Do not be surprised to hear that your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smartphone can act as a portable WordPress blog tool for posting content. To blog from any of these smartphones, WordPress provides some special blogging applications via which you can manage both posts and comments. You can download these applications from

Effortless Posting Via Microsoft Word 2007/2010

Consider a scenario wherein you already have a good Word document. Now, you are of the opinion that this document can do well even on your blog. In this case, if you have Word 2007 or 2010, you can easily post the content of the document on your WordPress blog. Undoubtedly, these two versions of Microsoft Word engulf the most superb features of which one is to post the blog content.

You need to click File –> New –> Blog post (New blog post in case of 2007) to create a post and a blog account. For publishing via Word 2007, you must go to File –> Publish –> Blog; while in Word 2010, you click File –> Share –> Publish as Blog Post.

Anytime and Anywhere Posting Via E-mail

Nowadays, it is common to make rich e-mails full of text and multimedia content with the help of an ideal e-mail application present in your mobile or on the desktop of your laptop. When it comes to posting on a WordPress blog, you can surely use your dedicated e-mail address that you make in WordPress.

To post content via an e-mail, log on to your WordPress account, click the My Account button, select My Blogs, and click the Enable button in the row of your blog’s name.

This offers you a private e-mail to which you can send the post. Just write an e-mail whose subject needs to be title of your post that will then get posted on your desired WordPress blog in few minutes.

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Free Posting Via Windows Live Writer

This is an astonishingly free Microsoft tool for posting content via a multitude of blogging services including WordPress. Once you install this tool and create your blog account to add your blog, the tool offers a Word-like editor for writing the poststhat can include highly formatted text and multimedia content. As you are writing in the editor, you can preview the post to see how it will appear on your blog.

In case you like to play with HTML, you can do so by clicking the Source tab. In addition, you can also add tags, allocate a category, and schedule the post for publishing.

Apart from these features, you can even edit an already published post and write a new post for a WordPress blog offline and then post it online.

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