Top 3 Free Computer Clean Up Tools

It is of no surprise that with the increasing number of software as well as utilities, the types of errors and other difficulties have also raised their slope on the statistical chart of computer risks over time. Despite the fact that today’s computers are more safe, intelligent, and durable than the former counterparts, these stated problems are chronic threats to the technical virtues of reliability, productivity, and longevity. For example, one of the unintentional mistakes could be running more number of programs at a time that slows down the processing speed of the computer.

However, the good news is that yet there are 100% chances of not succumbing to these problems. For this, all the credit goes to the growing security awareness on the Internet, which has triggered an unbelievable level of boom in the world of free computer clean up.

Several outstanding programs exist that you can download at no cost from the Web. However, in order to use the free computer clean up tools, you must have some expertise so that you can determine the best one for defending your PC against any kind of risk. Therefore, here are the top three free computer clean up tools.


This is one of the comprehensive free computer clean up tools, which replicates the common cleanup programs in terms of functions. It can perform both administrative as well as normal cleanup functions making itself effective for running on a standalone or network PC.

Taking care of cleaning everything right from the unwanted files of Internet Explorer to the crucial folders in the registry, CCleaner is a worthy tool that aids in boosting the performance of your computer.

AVG Free

This is among the most used free computer clean up tools and anti-virus solutions. As the name suggest, it is available for free in the world of anti-virus programs, but never compromises on the standards and performance. It is the best means to clean up the wild infections due to its always-on protection feature that keeps an eye on all viruses.

Remember, clean up does not mean cleaning only the unwanted files and folders from the disk, but also discarding viruses and Trojans. If this is not the scope of a cleanup, you computer can never remain 100% clean and efficient. As a tip, the combination of free anti-virus and free computer clean up tool can make a lot of difference.


The name itself conveys the function of this free computer clean up tool. Its main job is to identify and discard the infected files or folders with the help of its built-in deletion algorithms. In this process, upon deleting a file, the disk does not directly throw away the file.

However, what happens is that the operating system considers the space utilized by the file as usable, which it later overwrites when you save a new file. Generally, this is done randomly, due to which you can easily recover the files that are not overwritten. Therefore, those who prefer high security for data can install this free computer clean up tool to overwrite the erased files with lots of data so that the others cannot recover the deleted files.