Transfer Music, Apps, and Other Data from an Old Gen iPod to a New One

Whenever there is a new release, along with it comes the many options of using the device for enhanced user experience. Even newer apps are specially developed to suit the services of the new gadget. The 4th generation of the iPod Touch and iPhones has been released by the Apple family.

So it is but natural that you will want to relocate the data from your old phone to the new device. iTunes comes to your rescue. Here is how you can do it.

transfer music from old gen ipod to new gen ipod

To mention you one of the possibilities here is an example of the transfer of data from iPod Touch 3rd generation to the latest 4th generation model using iTunes on a Windows 7 computer.

Backup Old iPod

For this example, there is already a device ready with the backup. It would be worthwhile using that, as it will save time to set up the new device with details like applications, folders and music. You can take the backup by right clicking on the device in iTunes and then selecting the ‘Back Up’.

back up old ipod

Wait as the backup process finishes. The time of the backup process depends on how much data you have. The lesser data, the lesser time will it take.

back up old ipod

Register And Restore New iPod

The start of the next step involves you to connect your new iPod device. This follows the formalities of the registration process. As said, it is a formality. If you do not want to register right away, you can skip this step by clicking on ‘Register later’.

Register And Restore New iPod

However, your next step is important. You can have a choice of setting up a new iPod – this means a completely new device. Or you can restore from a backup. As said above, there is a backup to be used in putting forth this illustration. Select the latest backup – that is the most recent, and click on ‘Continue’ to move forward. This step again forces you to wait – as per the data in your backup.

transfer music from old gen ipod to new gen ipod

Once the restoration is over, you will see the entire data shifted to the 4th generation iPod Touch. The transfer will carry over the folders that you had created in the old device. The new features will be inclusive of FaceTime and the Camera app.

data transfer

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What You Can Do Next

Once you are done with the transfer of the data, there are some more things you can do. For example, you can go on to set this up as a new device.

data transfered to new generation ipod touch

You can even manually manage the applications if you so wish. Those who are yet learning the tricks of the game prefer to do it manually. The reason is that they have to go through the entire process and therefore know all the steps involved.

managing apps on ipod touch

However, the above mentioned steps are not the only options available to take the backup of your data. However, when it comes to registering a new iPod and transferring the data, it would be meaningful and sensible to use the backup and restore feature.