Trick For How To Hide Your Profile On Facebook

Facebook is the live depot of more than 650 million users. Therefore, I am sure that you must have received several friend requests. However, some of them must have been from unknown people.

Although this might prove useful for some users who love to make new friends, it is actually quite irritating for other users of Facebook. This is where the need to hide profile arises, especially when illicit or unknown people try to search you using the Search box in the Facebook’s Navigation bar.

Whenever a user tries to search by entering an e-mail ID or name in the Search box, Facebook will automatically look for the search phrase in its database to display a link to the corresponding or matching profile. Moreover, there is no harm in searching, but many times, people misuse this search utility to send friend requests to unknown people for fulfilling a wicked intention. However, Facebook is smart to tackle such people.

The Facebook Trick For Profile Protection

Facebook offers a myriad of privacy protection settings such as displaying a restricted profile and limiting the access of apps to your profile. To deal with the above condition, Facebook allows hiding one’s profile from the search utility. It is just the matter of some setting tweaks via which you can specify who can exactly view your profile.

The Three Options That Control Profile Sharing

In general, Facebook offers three options via which you can set the degree of profile sharing for the users. These options are Everyone, Friends of Friends, and Friends.

If you select the Friends of Friends option, it means that only friends of your friends can search for your profile on Facebook. In addition, the Friends option means that only friends are allowed to search for your profile, while Everyone means anybody can spot and view your profile, which is something that you don’t want.

Steps To Hide Facebook Profile

If you are really irritated by the unwanted friend requests, especially when you receive them daily; the Friends or Friends of Friends is the right option to block them. Here are the steps to hide your Facebook profile.

1. Log on your account on Facebook.

2. At the top-left of your profile on the Navigation bar, click the Home button. A drop-down menu is displayed.

3. Select Privacy Settings from the drop-down menu. The Privacy Settings page is displayed.

4. Select the Custom option from Control Your Default Privacy.

5. Click Edit Settings in the How You Connect section. The How You Connect window is displayed.

6. Select the desired option from the drop-down list besides Who can look up your profile by name or contact info?.

7. Select the desired option from the drop-down list besides Who can send you friend request?.

8. Select the desired option from the drop-down list besides Who can send you Facebook messages?.

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9. Click the Done button.

In case you want to block a specific user, you can even do so by navigating to the Privacy Settings page and clicking Manage Blocking in the Blocked People and Apps section. This will open the Manage Blocking page wherein you can specify the name and e-mail ID of the user in the Block users section.