Turn Your Android Phone into a Remote Control for Your PC

Technology has made everything possible. So, you can now easily turn your android phone into a remote control for your PC. All you will require is GMote 2.0. The GMote app can be downloaded from the Android Market. Install the GMote Server software on your personal computer. The software can be used on Linux, Windows and even on Mac.


You will also need a WiFi router. The GMote can be used with the help of a 3G connection; however, in order to forward port 8889 you will require a router.

When you first try to start the GMote app on your Android phone, you will receive a message asking you to install the GMote server software on the PC. The server software for GMote can be downloaded from the internet for free.

install gmote

How to Install the GMote Server?

In order to install the GMote server you will have to first choose the platform and operating system that you want to work on and then download the package that is suitable for your needs.

choosing platform and os

After this the download can be started straightaway. You can choose the default settings for the server. Uncheck all Block and Accept tabs from the firewall.

The software will ask you to key in a password for the software. This is optional and you can choose to skip this step. You can type a password or click on Cancel.

password for software

The next step involves including the proper locations of all media files (if any) on your PC. Performing this step will make it easy to locate and play these files directly from your Android phone. Click the Done tab when you are done.

gmote server in the system tray

The GMote server can be accessed and run from the system tray. Now you are done with the installation of the GMote Software Server. It’s time to tweak your Android phone a bit. Select the ‘I have installed the Server’ tab and kick start your GMote.

start gmote

Now go to the GMote App. Here you will be asked to select your server computer. If your server computer isn’t given in the list then choose either ‘I don’t see my server’ or ‘I want to enter my IP manually’.

pick a server

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If you set up a password for your server then you will have to enter it here as well.

enter password

What Changes To Make in Your PC?

There are two screens that GMote provides you with so you can easily run your computer. There is the remote screen that provides you with basic controls so you can playback media files.

gmote basic controls

Tapping the Browse option (top left corner) will let you go through any media folders that were included when you setup the server.

You will also have to choose the directory along with the media files. Tap on the file that you wish to playback on your PC.

browse directories

You can control the media playback on your PC using the various buttons. You can choose to operate the touch pad mode by simply choosing the Touchpad option from the menu.

touchpad option

The Touch screen gives you the freedom to control the movements of the mouse by simply using tap movements over the screen. Single and double taps work as left click and double clicks of the mouse.