Update Your Tumblr Blog from Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Tumblr is a free and trendy blog-hosting website that allows you to create personalized blogs to market your articles, content and products using social media.

Bloggers on the go can now update their Tumblr blog using their iPhone and iPod. Here are simple steps to use your iOS devices for updating posts on Tumblr micro blog.

Installing and Setting up Tumblr App

Tumblr application is available on iTunes and is a free download app. It supports six languages- English, French, German, Japanese, Turkish and Italian. You can find it under the social network category of iTunes and occupies merely 2MB space on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

You may need an iOS of 4.0 or later version. You can download Tumblr app using iTunes or directly download on the iOS device.

Once you finish installing the app, you need to sign in to your Tumblr account to visit your dashboard. You can also create a new account on your iOS devices after downloading and installing this app.


Using Tumblr iPhone Application

Using Tumblr on iPhone and iPod Touch is similar to that of the actual website. On your portable iOS devices, you can create text, audio and video blog posts. As of now, video blog posts are limited to iPhone only. It is easy to create texts and post on Tumblr iPhone app. You can add an image to the blog post in the iPhone but not on the iPod Touch.

When you click on advanced options, you can find more options like date, tags, and publish now. You can even post the blog to multiple websites at the same time. Advanced options also allow you to share the blog posts on twitter social network and monitor people’s response to it.

The progress screen shows the upload process. Voila! You are done with creating and publishing the blog post on Tumblr from your iPhone and iPod touch.

After publishing the blog post on Tumblr from the iOS, you can even edit, delete or make other changes via dashboard. Since you may be unable to upload image on Tumblr using an iPod touch, you can log in to Tumblr from the computer and edit the text to add images to the blog.

You can even save the post on your iPhone or iPod touch and publish it later after making changes. Tumblr micro-blog is a cool way to create and manage your personal website.

iPhone and iPod touch Tumblr app is quite efficient and simple to update blog posts on the go. You can browse online about various other uses of Tumbler iOS apps.

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There are articles that help in creating Tumbler posts, using Google analytics on your Tumblr account, adding a domain to the Tumblr and using ad sense on the blog posts. Further, log in to the Tumblr website to view various third party Tumblr apps for your iPhone and iPod. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad, download this free app and check it out right away!