Upload Documents To Google Docs With One Click

Do you use Google Docs often to share your files online? If yes, how do you normally access Google Docs? Well, I know that this question will sound a bit silly to you, but it is vital for you to just focus on it for a second. Okay, I am sure that you might be browsing to the site whenever you want to share or edit documents

upload documents to Google Docs

However, don’t you feel that doing so every now and then for each document is time consuming, somewhat irritating, and practically debilitating? So, what if you get to upload documents to Google Docs just via a drag and drop? Excited to know about it? Well then, do keep reading to make your task quicker and life happier.

What Can Make You Upload Documents To Google Docs Without Opening It

Well, it’s the Cloud Drive desktop gadget that allows you to upload files in just a single drag and drop. Due to it’s this behavior, the task of uploading the desired documents becomes quite faster and simpler than opening the Google Docs dashboard.

The main features of this gadget are access to Google Docs via existing Google account, HTTPS connection for file storage, support for several languages and creating new notes, display of latest 100 files, and double-click refreshing. The best part of this gadget is that it stays on your desktop, which means it does not need more resources to function unlike several other solutions for increasing productivity with Google Docs.

How To Obtain The Cloud Drive Gadget

First, visit the gadget site, http://www.criticaltick.com/ for downloading it. Kindly note that it is available for Windows 7. Because this is a third-party gadget, download verification will be done. Finally, you will have to click the Install button to continue.

  Cloud Drive gadget download

After the download is over, you need to run the setup and install it as usual. Finally, the Cloud Drive gadget is visible on your desktop with the status text as Enter an account.

install cloud drive gadget

In addition, it is also present in the Gadget gallery (but here, it is without the status text).

cloud drive gadget

How To Use The Cloud Drive Gadget

Before you upload documents to Google Docs via this gadget, you must add your Google account to it. To do so, click the Options button and you will see the Account tab of the Cloud Drive Options pane.

options pane in cloud drive gadget

Now, provide your Google credentials and click OK. In addition, there is the Advanced Key tab wherein you can specify an Advanced Key for utilizing extra features such as one-click entry into an uploaded document.

cloud drive gadget google account

However, for obtaining such a key, a donation is required at the developer’s site. Anyways, once you have provided your Google account information, you will see that the text on the gadget turns to Drag & Drop Your File Here. This itself tells you that you can easily upload documents to Google Docs.

cloud drive drag and drop feature

So, just drag a document and drop it on the gadget for uploading it. You will see that the gadget will show the status text as Uploading, which means that it is uploading your file.

uploading document on cloud drive

Once it has finished uploading the document, it will display the status text as File uploaded.

file uploaded on cloud drive

Irrespective of the file size, most of the documents get uploaded in just a couple of seconds. Once you have uploaded all the documents, open Google Docs and verify their presence so that you can edit or share them with others.