Use Bookmarks To Navigate Word Documents Faster

If you have been working with MS Word since quite long irrespective of the version, I am sure you must have felt the need of quickly jumping to a specific section within a document.

One way to do so is to scroll down, which is fine if the document contains only five pages. However, what will you do if the document contains more than 70 pages? Scrolling down is certainly not a practical choice. Well, this is where bookmarks come into picture for easily navigating to any section of the document in seconds.

Use Bookmarks To Navigate Word Documents Faster

What Are Bookmarks

A simple analogy of bookmarks is hyperlinks within a document. You can even think of placing something on a page of a book to mark your place. In Word, bookmarks refer to codes that you add to specific sections within a document so that you can refer them easily.

However, by default, bookmarks are not visible and also are not printed because of which you can set them for headings, pictures, embedded files, and paragraphs. In short, bookmarks are handy for long documents, especially when you do not utilize Master Documents. We shall now see how to use bookmarks in Word 2007 and 2010.

How To Add Bookmarks In Word 2007 and 2010

If you have ever used bookmarks in 2003, you will have no problems in adding them in 2007 and 2010, as the procedure remains almost the same. To add a bookmark in Word 2007 or 2010, open your document and insert the cursor where you wish to place a bookmark.

bookmark for word document

Next, select the Insert tab and click the Bookmark button under the Links group.

bookmark to navigate word document

This will open the Bookmark dialog box.

bookmark to navigate

Now, you need to specify a suitable name in the Bookmark name field. However, remember that while giving a name to the blinking cursor position, you need to avoid using space and special characters. For example, if you are adding a bookmark to a paragraph that is related to some system requirements, you can name the bookmark as SystemRequirements.

bookmark to navigate word

Kindly do not name it as Bookmark 1, as it is not descriptive enough to help you identify what text is associated with it. Finally, click the Add button. That’s it! You have already added a bookmark. In this way, you can add bookmarks to different sections within a document. In case you want to bookmark some piece of text, you can do so by highlighting it and then following the above steps.

How To Use Bookmarks For Navigation

To navigate a document using bookmarks, just open the Bookmark dialog box, select your bookmark from the list below the Bookmark name field, and click the Go To button.

bookmark in word document

You can even show the hidden bookmarks by selecting the Hidden bookmarks check box.

hidden bookmark

How To View Bookmarks For Navigation

By default, bookmarks are not visible. To view them in a document, open the Word Options dialog box, click the Advanced option from the left menu, and select the Show bookmarks check box located in the Show document content section on the right.

show bookmark on word

Now, place the cursor at a point where you want to insert a bookmark. You will see that the bookmark is shown as an I-beam.

i beam bookmark on word

In case you have selected text, it will be surrounded by brackets, which indicate the bookmark location.

 bookmark to navigate word document

Viewing bookmarks becomes essential when you have to modify the text enclosed in the bookmark without its removal.