Use Evernote Offline On Your iPhone or iPod Touch For Free

Due to the many free services, becoming a premium member makes no sense. The same can be applied to Evernote. You can use Evernote without needing to upgrade to premium account. This is possible with Evernote and it offers the same features as a premium Evernote member could have got.

Premium Evernote members are able to sync their entire notebooks on iPhone even when offline. However, you can get your important notes at any given time and on any given Evernote account. The reason is that Evernote allows the iPhone to keep the important notes offline.

Using Favorites with Evernote

When it is the first time you are using Evernote and install it, you will have to be online for obvious reasons. This is when you can activate your account. After the formalities, as you browse through various notes, the app will cache the thumbnails of the notes on your gadget. This allows you to browse through those notes even when you are offline.

Evernote Offline On Your iPhone

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If you go offline after browsing a while, Evernote would have done its work of caching them for your offline use. However, a potentially weak side of the app is that you can hardly guess which notes are cached. This means, Evernote does not cache all the notes you browse through. So you have to be careful when browsing and not be under the wrong impression that the notes are getting cached.

Using the “Favorites” to save notes for offline use

But there is a way out for the problem as well. Use the “Favorites” feature to make sure that the preferred notes are getting saved offline. A star to the top left corner of the notes denotes the “Favorites”. Pressing the button will save the note in the “Favorites” for your future offline use.

saving it to favorite When accessing the offline notes, just tap the “Favorites” tab. All the notes that you have included in the “Favorites” tab, will be visible to you. Open any one of your choice to read offline. You can even edit the “Favorites” so that the most important ones come first. If you want to delete any notes, you can do so here.

The “Sync” tab allows you to the sync and other settings of your account. The upgraded members have the option of selecting the folders to sync. On the other hand, the free account holders can empty the entire cache so that they can save on the storage space. They can then check how much usage for upload is still available.

If you think that you are using the Evernote app too often, you may better upgrade to the premium version. You can then sync the favorite notebooks and view them offline anytime you want. You may even choose to leave out some of the notes and not sync them at all.

Another upside of the Evernote app is that it allows you to jot a note down irrespective of you online or offline. If you create a note when offline, save it normally when you finish. When you are online, Evernote will sync it automatically.