Use Google Analytics To Get Detailed Stats About Your Tumblr Blog

Are you running a Tumblr blog? Well, then you must be eager to know its traffic stats such as the total number of everyday visitors, which sources drive them to your blog, and what are the keywords used in search engines to access the blog.

You will be even more excited to know that you can do so easily with the help of a free online tool, which Tumblr does not provide. This is none other than Google Analytics that has the power of generating the detailed statistics of your Tumblr blog. So, are you ready to generate a precise report of your blog and visitors? Well, here we go

Only Two Steps For Tumblr Stats

You need to only register with Google Analytics and add its tracking code to your Tumblr blog. Once you are done with these two steps, you can view a detailed report of your Tumblr blog.

Open An Account With Google Analytics

This is the first step that you must perform to add the tracking code to your Tumblr blog. It is a simple sign-up process via which you register with this free online tool. To do so, you need to open the URL and click the Sign Up Now link below the Access Analytics button in blue. Next, you have to sign in with your Google account. Once you are done, you again have to click the Sign Up button to begin the process of registration.

Now, you see the New Account Signup page wherein you have to enter the address of your Tumblr blog as well as account name and select the country as well as the time zone.

On clicking Continue, you will come across the contact information page wherein you have to enter your name and location.

Again click Continue and you will be taken to the license agreement page on which you have to select the check box for the agreement. Finally, click the Create New Account button.

Now, you will see the tracking code that you have to paste in your site. However, you can just use the Tracking ID instead of the code to add Google Analytics to your Tumblr blog. This ID is present in the code in the form of UA-[8 digits]-[single digit]. Just copy this and perform the next step.

Insert Google Analytics To Tumblr Blog

You do so via your Tumblr theme. The good news is that a majority of Tumblr themes support Analytics. To do so, click Customize on your dashboard and select the Appearance tab to display a drop-down list.

Herein, you will spot the Google Analytics ID text box wherein you have to paste your copied ID. Finally, click the Save + Close button on the top right.

In case your theme does not offer the Analytics field, you will have to copy the entire code that you saw after opening the account in the above section.

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How To Find Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

To do so, click Customize on your dashboard, select the Theme tab, and click the Use custom HTML button at the bottom to open the site code. Now, search for the tag and paste the code above it.

You Are Now Ready To View Your Stats

To do so, just click Access Analytics on the URL mentioned above and log on. You will be directed to the Analytics Settings page where you can see your blog name in the Websites Profile table.

Now, just click View Report to open the dashboard wherein you can see some cool graphs by navigating the options on the left pane.

Let others know about your experience on the same. So, do comment!