Use Parental Controls To Limit Time Kids Spend On The Computer

It is of no surprise that kids always want to spend most of their time on the computer either for playing games or for browsing the Internet. Although it is good for them to explore new things via a computer, it is not yet beneficial to stick to computer incessantly.

This is because they then get so addicted to it that they find nothing else as useful or beneficial as the computer. Therefore, it is necessary to limit their computer usage. Fortunately, Windows Vista allows you to limit the time to be spent on the computer on a daily basis. Let us check about it out now!

Problem: My Kid Is Not Paying Attention To Homework And Extracurricular Activities

Let us assume that you have a kid who obtains good scores in every exam and top position in most of the football matches held in his school. However, you notice that his performance has gone down in the last exam and football match as well.

While finding out the reasons for this unexpectedly low performance, you realize that your kid spends more than half of the day on your home computer running Windows Vista. Now, you are worried as to how to stop him from using the computer for so much time. You know that shouting and scolding is not the solution. Further, by spending so much on the computer, he will become more careless towards studies and that he will also end up putting more weight due to sedentary lifestyle in absence of any outdoor activity. So, what should you do now?

Solution: Use the Parental Controls

Windows Vista now makes it possible for you to limit the time until which your kids can stick to the computer. You can actually specify the time limit so that the kids can be on the computer only during your set hours. This is possible only via the built-in utility called Parental Controls, which can give you the power of allowing or denying the hours of computer usage. For example, you can allow your kid to use the computer between 3 to 4 pm and block the usage for the rest of the hours in a day simultaneously.

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Setting such time limits avert logging on during the denied hours. This means if the kids try to log on during the denied hours, they will not be able to do so. This will frustrate them and then they will automatically get back to their daily routine (school homework, project, and ground play).

Implement The Solution: Turn On The Parental Controls And Set The Time Limits

When your child is using the computer after you have set the limits, a small icon besides the clock will be present to show that the parental controls are turned on. Further, your kid will be able to see balloon notifications when the time to log off comes nearer. Here are the steps of using Parental Controls to set the time limit.

1. Log in as Administrator.

2. Open Control Panel.

3. Click Set up parental controls for any user.

4. Select your kid’s account.

5. Click On, enforce current settings under Parental Controls section if they are not turned on.

6. Under Windows Settings, click Time Limits.

7. Select the hours that you want to block or allow for computer usage.

8. Click OK.

Warning: Ensure that your kid has a Standard user account, or else, you won’t be able to apply the Parental Controls.