Use The Navigation Pane In Word To Easily Reorganize Documents

Navigating through a long document in MS Word is actually a painful task, isn’t it? How do you feel while moving a section of text to some other page in a document of 100 pages just by scrolling and locating the source and destination places? It’s irritating, right?

The same feeling triggers once again when you actually want to skip some sections while reading such a long document but have no option other than scrolling down. However, the good news is that your these problems are now eliminated in MS Word 2010. All thanks goes to the sophisticated Navigation Pane that allows you to reorganize or view your document according to the pages as well as headings.

Further, it also allows searching for the desired text and skipping through the sections of your document while reading. In Word 2007, it is present as the Document Map, but it is not that flexible as this one. So, let’s explore the Navigation Pane in detail!

First, Let’s Open The Navigation Pane In Word 2010

By default, this pane is not displayed. So, you need to display it by selecting the Navigation Pane check box in the Show group of the View tab. Now, the Navigation Pane appears on the left side of your document.

Navigation Pane In Word To Easily Reorganize Documents

Now, Explore The Navigation Pane Options And Start Working It

The very first option that you will see in the Navigation Pane is Search. This is represented as the Search field wherein you can type the desired text that you want to find in the opened document. This search differs from the normal search utility in Word in terms of result display.

By this, I mean that the instances of found text are highlighted in yellow throughout the document, which is not offered by the normal search feature of Word. Wish to customize your search activity and its results? Well then, click the drop-down button located at the right corner of the Search field and select Options.

Navigation Pane In Word To Easily Reorganize Documents

You will find many options that are similar to the ones appearing in the Find dialog box. Did you notice the drop-down menu minutely? You will find something new, probably the options under the Find section, which make your search quite specific.

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Second, you see a row of three icons that actually represent three different views offered by the Navigation Pane. These are Heading View, Page View, and Search Results View respectively. The Heading View icon displays a collection of nested tabs that correspond to the headings in a document. So, if you have headings in heading styles, you can find them listed in this pane when you click this icon.

Navigation Pane In Word To Easily Reorganize Documents

Now, these listed headings make it even easier and faster to navigate throughout your document by just clicking them. You can even right-click a heading for adding a new heading before or after it, deleting it, selecting it, and adding a new subheading under it. And yes, you can even simply drag and drop the headings to move them within the document.

The Page View icon also allows you to navigate, but is more useful when you want to browse according to the search results. When you search for any text in your document and results are highlighted, clicking this icon lists the clickable thumbnails of only those pages that contain the searched text.

Finally, the Search Results View icon allows you to view a list of the searched results. So, what you feel about this Navigation Pane? Do share your experience in comments!